So y'all wanted to lock Hillary Clinton up for "hiding" emails in a private server? What do you do with a president who presided over hiding a hot potato transcript? In court, that's circumstantial evidence of knowing you've done wrong.

But let's move along.

Mr. Flynn is facing jail for using his office for his own gain. What do you call extorting a foreign government for information detrimental to an opponent in an election, dangling military aid authorized by Congress, as it is fighting one of our enemies, Russia?

Using your office for personal gain. We all understand that's a no-no.

Now, why, as a Republican appointee, wouldn't you take a complaint about potential presidential misdeeds through the normal statutory channels, instead of taking it to those implicated in said complaint? Of course they're going to say there's nothing to see here. For the Trump impaired, that's Attorney General William Barr and the White House.

The release of the complaint and redacted transcript from the White House admits wrong doing by the president. It's extortion plain and simple. "You've got a nice little country here Mr. Zelensky. It'd be a shame if something happened to it."

Let me start the chant. "Lock him up! Lock him up!"

Chuck Sukut, Bakersfield