David Keranen's ("COMMUNITY VOICES: A timeline of mass shootings since 2009," Aug. 8) recent piece is a lengthy listing of tragic events that have occurred in the United States over the past nine years. Of course, this pales to the horrendous events that have occurred worldwide during the same time frame and allowed to occur under a feckless president. He then lays blame to all the social and economic hills on “assault” rifles (misidentified) and handguns. He insinuates that gun manufacturers are the real villains not the rank and file NRA members. Next, he says though the United States is religious, it has problems with violence. After looking at his list, these mass shootings overwhelming occur in liberal, Democrat-controlled enclaves. I don’t see Las Vegas as a fundamental Christian metropolis, nor Orlando, Dayton, El Paso. Murder rates in US cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis, (Democrat-run cities) have the highest murder rates. Lastly, he espouses that human males are the “primary perpetrator.” While it is true that historically males have been the overwhelming leaders in times of war, he seems to forget "warrior" women such as Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher. Even Hillary Clinton was hawk.

It seems he has an egoistic utopian world view. It appears he would be perfectly fine with state-mandated incarceration, re-education and executions of dissenters as his political leanings are easily historically traced to 1917, 1933, 1949 and 1979. If only we all could see it as he does.

Greg Laskowski, Bakersfield