Jan. 31, 2020, will be remembered as an important day in world history. On that day, Great Britain left the European Union and the United States was transformed from a republic into a monarchy. Vladimir Putin must have been dancing through the Kremlin.

From that day forward, the checks and balances system of our government will no longer exist. Lawyers for President Trump successfully convinced the Republican-controlled Senate that a president may, essentially, do whatever he or she pleases and answer to no one, including Congress and/or the Justice Department. Alan Dershowitz argued that if Trump shot someone, including an opponent in an election, it would not be a crime if it was done in the interest of him being reelected, and it would not be an impeachable offense. Dershowitz also concluded that foreign intervention into our elections would also be tolerated if it met the same criteria. It follows then that this doesn’t just mean Trump will be unleashed and untethered; it also means any future president, Democrat or whatever, will be just as unrestrained. This is unimaginable to me.

On the last day of January, Trump’s attorneys chewed up and spit Article II of the Constitution into the faces of our Founding Fathers and our fallen heroes. This is not the form of government they envisioned or established nor the one many tens of thousands of Americans have died for trying to defend and protect.

I hope that we can soon regain our sanity.

Steve Bass, Bakersfield