I’m not surprised by the Republican Party as it seems unable to figure out how to grow its party. Last week Congressmen Kevin McCarthy and David Valadao voted against allowing an extension on the voting deadline for the Equal Rights Amendment. Supporters of the ERA are seeking the extension now that the number of states approving the amendment has reached the minimum needed for ratification. Republicans are against the ERA in 2021. Go figure.

Just to prove that he is totally tone deaf, McCarthy also voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. I’m sure young women reaching voting age will really appreciate that. Another vote that will do nothing to broaden the tent of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party currently has nothing positive to campaign on. It continues to lie about the “Big Steal,” meaning the 2020 presidential election. It doesn’t matter that there is no evidence to prove that there was anything but minor errors. Out of more than 150 million votes. So now Republicans work on making it difficult for Americans to vote, especially Black and brown citizens. I doubt those voters will just stay home.

Maybe Republican nationwide fortunes will turn around soon. Right after we see their new plan for health care in America. The one they promised was imminent in 2008, 2009 and every year since. Remember President Trump promised one in “a matter of weeks”? Not sure what will come first, a health care plan from Republicans or a McCarthy town hall meeting.

— Terry Beals, Bakersfield