While not a teacher of history, I've been a student of history all my life. While not stated outright, a recent Letter to the Editor ("History is the best measurement of the political news," Sept. 13) mentions the Bob Woodward book "Fear," which for anyone who is paying attention knows refers to President Donald Trump. And anyone who has studied history would find the comparison of our president to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini laughable.

First off, I have no recollection of President Trump throwing people into Gulag camps. Nor of having citizens executed because they were "obstructionists." Nor of the president holding rallies with large posters of him. A side note: The Obama poster with "Hope" written on it reminds me of posters I've seen of Vladimir Lenin. You know the pose, the determined look with a up thrust chin, progressing to the future.

On the mention of the rallies in Nuremberg, I saw the same look on the faces of young people at Obama rallies. I'm also certain the slogans "Hope" and "Change" will make for a fine defense of our former president in the future. As far as selection of minorities for "special treatment," during President Woodrow Wilson's terms, people of German ancestry were sent to prison for the merest suspicions, and President Franklin Roosevelt sent thousands of Japanese-Americans into internment camps.

So far, I haven't seen President Trump do any of the above. Believe as you will, but don't rely on omitted history. And of books or op-ed pieces whose statements of facts are presented by "Anonymous."

Chris Padham, Bakersfield