As a fan of presidential candidate Ben Carson, I have been so surprised to find that Trump has made an excellent president. He is the first president in memory who, in the face of the most vicious attacks imaginable, has actually kept his campaign promises. Without time to explain why, here are a few reasons I strongly support President Trump:

First, his efforts to recapture the qualities that made America so great, in spite of her flaws — MAGA. That is the president's responsibility. 

Second, his work to defend our borders — no borders equal no nation! Yes, we need immigration reform. Defending our borders is a primary task of the president.

Third, his support of the Constitution, as show in his selection of federal judges who support law as it is written, not the philosophy of a "living Constitution," i.e. what I want it to say. 

Fourth, his support of the Judeo-Christian heritage which birthed the freedoms which we enjoy. 

Fifth, his efforts to "drain the swamp" which includes firings and other changes. Of course "the swamp" is fighting back — ferociously — with the major media as its cheering section. After following 30-plus news sources of all stripes carefully for 60-plus years, I know the president is right: the major media is the fake news.

Sixth, his recognition that among all the crazy conspiracy theories, there is a deeply entrenched "deep state" which is a total conspiracy against our nation.

Seventh, his support of our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, which Obama shamefully treated.

Eighth, his support of energy independence, instead of financially supporting our enemies, while reigning in the EPA's often abusive, illegal treatment of landowners.

Ninth, he is the first president to actually take action for human life against the death industry.

Tenth, while I personally do not like his style or his sometime inaccuracies, he is certainly not the liar he is made out to be by his enemies. 

That is just 10 of the 100-plus reasons that I enthusiastically, seriously support President Trump.

Jim Lee, Lake Isabella