This letter is about all the letter writers to The Californian praising President Trump. I guess they have been listening to liars like Sean Hannity of Fox News for so long that they cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. They believe that all the people that were ripped off at Trump's fake university are lying and Trump is telling the truth. They believe that all the women accusing Trump of sexual assault are lying and Trump is telling the truth. 

Now they're saying that Robert Mueller, with his impeccable reputation, is evil and attacking Trump for no reason.

America will never be great again as long as truth keeps losing. When some of Trump's supporters watch God throw Trump into hell someday, they will hate God and call him a left-wing liberal. And in the next moment many will find themselves standing next to Trump forever. 

It's about truth and lies; it's about good and evil. 

 — Clive Oldfield, Bakersfield