In a recent tweet praising the Republican tax cut, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, using a Pennsylvania school secretary as an example, stated she had received a $1.50 per week raise. Let’s see now, that amounts to less than four cents per hour or about $6 per month and $78 per year. "… I can use it to pay my Costco membership,” she said.

At the same time, Speaker Ryan received a nearly $400 per week raise or about $1,600 per month and more than $19,000 per year. He can use it to pay his country club membership.

The majority of the citizens deceived and hurt by this tax bill will be President Trump’s own base while, at the same time, the extremely wealthy will garner huge tax advantages. It has been calculated that the Trump family will save millions of dollars per year on their taxes. After the president signed the bill, he told a group of billionaires at a Mar-a-Lago dinner, “I’ve just made you all a lot richer.”

That seems fair, doesn’t it?

— Steve Bass, Bakersfield