After hearing President Trump say that he could have singlehandedly without a weapon taken down the Florida school shooter who killed 17 people is absurd. Trump is no super hero. He is, however, a habitual liar, flip-flopper and name caller (Lying Ted, Little Marco and Coward Peterson, the school deputy who didn't confront the school shooter).

I have three examples of Trump's bravery or cowardice — you be the judge. 1) With five medical deferments, he failed to serve in the Vietnam War. 2) As a presidential candidate campaigning at the airport hangar in Dayton, Ohio, he was almost attacked by a protester as the Secret Service jumped in to protect him. Maybe he doesn't need the Secret Service. 3) When candidate Trump went to Mexico and met with the president, Trump failed to confront and tell Enrique Pena Nieto that Mexico would be paying for the border wall. I was very disappointed.

Like most conservative lawmakers, Trump is beholden to the National Rifle Association. When the Second Amendment was written up by our forefathers, I believe the weapon of the day was the musket rifle, which had to be hand-loaded with gunpowder. How did automatic weapons get to be part of the Second Amendment is beyond me. I say ban all automatic weapons including the AR-15 for civilian use.

— Robert A. Rivera, Bakersfield