Robert Price’s article (“Of sugar, flour, eggs and freedom of speech,” Feb. 7) was a compelling read. I especially appreciated his point regarding the tendency among some more narrow-minded, clouded-by-their-closet prejudice Christians who make unwarranted distinctions among sins. A solid, relevant and thought-provoking point. But a couple of paragraphs later, a “rotten egg” appeared that contaminated the whole recipe and ruined the cake.

I couldn’t agree more that absurdity is an apt word to describe those who would look disdainfully at two kids of differing ethnicities enjoying a date at the movies. If this date leads to marriage, no thoughtful, biblically oriented Christian would dispute the union on the basis of ethnic differences.

So why conclude that “virtually all devout people” “for centuries” would advocate such bigotry? Surely a few are hateful enough to hold these views, and Price mentioned a specific group. But his words comprise a blanket statement, and a wet blanket, at that. It’s an us-against-them argument that’s inflammatory and simply isn’t accurate. Seriously, “virtually all devout people?” I can assure Mr. Price that not all the devout are so seriously impaired.

— Dave Bocker, Wasco