President Trump has said, "Let's make America great again." it's more like, "Let's make America great again ... when?"

   Unless there's a bad earthquake, horrific hurricane, massive shooting or anything else major, Trump's name is at the top of the news. The subjects seem to be repeated over and over: health care, the wall, Russia and so on, getting nowhere. And if the media can't find anything on Trump happening now, they dredge up things from the past to dwell on.

   All the media is doing is feeding Trump's ego because he loves being at the top of the news, whether it's good or bad. I'm sick of turning on the news and hearing his name over and over. Some say, "Don't watch it, then!" Well, I'm hoping I will hear about other stories happening, but that rarely happens.

   When he claimed to "Make America great again" and voters believed him, since Trump had no political background, he was oblivious to how things work. Hello! You need support of others in the White House! Did he really think he could just walk in and take things over — himself? Unbelievable! He's sure trying to, but he's learning things don't work that way.

I've had enough as well as I'm sure some others have. I know we can't "dump Trump," but I'm hoping someday soon, he buries himself so deep he can't worm his way out. That's doubtful, though. Look at what all he's already gotten away with and nothing ever changes.

— Marilyn Whipkey, Bakersfield