Recently a local talk show host made such an asinine observation: He said that the military having assault weapons, then returning home and being unable to possess them was a hard problem. Really?

The key prohibition in the Second Amendment is “infringed." There should be reasonable interpretation of arms which may not be infringed. Do you think Madison and Hamilton and Franklin and Washington and others envisioned the possession of Tommy guns, bazookas or a cannon in one’s front yard?

If your child, along with 16 others, were killed by an assault weapon in a matter of seconds, I daresay you would want to see them eliminated. You would know the Second Amendment is not an excuse to allow such weapons among our civilian population. You would make our country a safer place by voting into office those who represent your convictions, regardless of party.

It has been suggested that gun control be left to the states. What? Then one only need to journey to another state to secure a certain weapon and at an earlier age. Certainly gun reform should be a uniform law, or else it could not be accomplished after all.

Why does the NRA wield so much power in Congress? Congress needs to focus on its constituents’ concerns instead of politics. Maybe the children will lead us.

— Ann Silver, Bakersfield