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Sen. Anna M. Caballero represents the 14th Senate District, composed of majority portions of Merced, Fresno and Madera counties.

California has long been known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches and iconic cities. Beneath the surface, however, lies a perpetual threat that has worsened over years: a historic water supply challenge threatening every aspect of our way of life. Even with the recent storms, the state’s chronic water supply shortage will continue to be exacerbated by climate change, drought, an expanding economy and population growth, leaving millions of Californians, local communities, businesses and our economy in a precarious position. An optimistic snowpack this year unfortunately does not bring our state out of the drought.

California’s water supply threat is certainly not new. The state has been grappling with water scarcity for decades, with frequent droughts causing significant harm to agriculture, wildlife, tourism and communities in all corners of the state.