Per the headline "Land use fees set to rise to meet new state rule on organic waste," (Nov. 16) brace yourself Kern County residents! Thanks to governmental garbage science utilized by the super democratic majority California Legislature in passing SB 1383 in 2020, your land use fees are about to be increased by 71 percent with the possible reported total amount estimated to probably be 300 percent! And, since government estimates are almost always low, there is every reason to believe, and, even potentially to expect, a double overrun approaching 500 percent? Remember, the stupidity and shenanigans of government never disappoints!

As Detective Colombo might say, "Let me get this straight, the purpose of SB 1383 is to basically separate food-related garbage out of the garbage gathered stream to make 'compost' to supposedly reduce biologically created methane from the dump rotting garbage, which releases methane into the atmosphere that only has 2-parts per million of natural methane in it to begin with; really, is this the point of SB 1383?" The current 2-parts per million of existing methane in the atmosphere is, and most likely always has been, from the normal biological degradation of normal Earth plant life!

Just how are these two naturally occurring methane gas molecules, generated primarily by normal decomposition of plant life, which are each just one carbon atom with four-hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atom, in one-million parts of air, form a "blanket" effect, so-to-speak, to hold heat down close to the surface of the Earth to affect the weather? As in the movie "My Cousin Vinny," might Vinny the lawyer say: "Are these magical molecules, or better yet, could they be magical governmental molecules that do not adhere to the rules of science?"

Another major point regarding these two little methane gas molecules is that they are lighter than the air that you breathe and accordingly will not stay with the other 999,998 air molecules comprised of 78.08 percent nitrogen, 20.95 percent oxygen, (subtotal 99.03 percent) to form a warming Earth blanket!

Just how do these two magical methane gas molecules combine with the other 999,998 molecules to literally weave this atmospheric warming blanket over Mother Earth? It is my summary opinion that this whole global warming issue is based on nothing more than governmental political, slight-of-hand, pick-and-choose science; believe what we say, not your own science knowledge and common-sense analysis.

What is accomplished if the methane gas is released from a farm garbage field, wind-rowed for processing, releasing methane, versus being dumped into a normal dump itself, what? Secondly, where is all of this garbage "compost" with whatever components are in it, going to be spread, on what crops or where, versus leaving it in a confined, defined dump where the generated methane can be potentially recovered for electrical generation? So, what is now currently confined to a specific site, is going to be now spread over what and where?

As Ricky Ricardo invariably said to Lucy, "Somebody has some "splain-in" to do!" if the Kern County Board of Supervisors is going to increase the citizens' land use fees by 100, 200, 300, and maybe 400, 500 percent!" Land use fees were just increased as of July 1, 2021 by 26.7 percent and here we are four months later coming back to the citizenry now again for a 71 percent increase?

This whole controversy of two gas molecules of methane creating a blanket to warm the surface of the Earth is just plain garbage political science! Just because The government says so, does not make it scientifically so! Where is the scientific proof? Where is there a demonstrable laboratory demonstration?

Is there an intensive, in-depth, outside, independent CEQA/EIR study on-hand to explain the science of how this physically and scientifically occurs, and, what is the cost benefit rational on these governmental passed rules based on garbage science?

Joseph R. Kandle is a consulting petroleum engineer and longtime resident of Stockdale Estates.