From welcoming but helpless formative years of infancy, to early childhood, a considerable effort is expended in raising a successful human. The environs embed enduring traits through conscious effort as surely through osmosis. Perceptiveness is pronounced, even in early years, and constantly appraises the guided path against the lived ways.

Armed with inquisitiveness, tendrils enter institutions of education. Impressionability and rebelliousness provide a dynamic matrix for young minds to grow. Emphasis on education, lived experiences at home and meaningful education can undergird future outcomes. This is the juncture where impressionability can be best cultivated constructively both at home and at school.

Drive, ambition and accountability have the best chance to thrive, if critical thinking, structure, discipline and vocational aspirations are systematically encouraged.

The purpose in life is not being coerced but prospected at individual unit with favorable winds.

Winds eventually change, but the well-raised, well-prepared undergird good family, good community and importantly what’s good in humanity.

At least endeavors aim so.

Formative experiences blessed with independence of mind, guard railed by discipline, work ethic, strength and empathy seek fulfillment through purpose in life.

Success is not an infallible recipe that a secret alchemy can predictably yield.

Success can mean different things to different people. The legendary genius along the ages has meandered through a path of self-education.

The rest of us not innately talented require training wheels, at least early on.

The training wheels must come with a shelf life.

The training wheels should not keep the aviators among us from soaring.

Well-groomed and well-grounded humans underpin humanity’s hope to triumph adversity.

Yet challenges abound and existence is constantly threatened. Advancing age demands that the baton be passed from one generation to next.

The relatively well-choreographed first two-thirds of life encompassing childhood, school, career and raising kids lead to an abrupt chasm between past and future.

A reboot becomes obligatory.

Ambition now must mold toward charity. Focus here may lean toward amorphous.

As time reminds proximity to mortality, as integrity of faculties seems to slide uncontrollably on the swiftly moving hands of the biological clock; an impulse to inventory life beacons.

The crossroads of then and next provide a precarious perch to plan what lies ahead. The “usual” still anchors the most. Health, finances, politics, society, friends, kids and grandkids remain the reason to be, but purpose yearns to be reinvented.

A mind gone adrift is a life subtracted from common good, any good.

Still, repurposing demands an embrace of the possible.

This station may yet be an opportunity of greater good.

Unincarcerated from the myopic and proximate compulsions of life, a long look at the horizon can be refreshing.

Vision becomes more expansive.

A life previously governed by the clock can construct a template around convenience. Purpose and productivity can thrive in this relaxed template.

Retirement has an agonal ring to it; repurposing is inviting.

The sweet schadenfreude of kids dealing terrible twos of their own can be a minor pleasure. Similarly, so do the spills and the Pampers.

Our turn to enjoy quality time with grandkids is such a welcome blessing.

Travels to explore the planet, people and cultures are treasures waiting to be unraveled.

The golf handicap is unlikely to improve, but failing to remember the score can be delightful. The greens get wider and swings sweeter.

The cataract years with fading vision and diminishing hearing can allow our residual initiative to lend the world wisdom and compassion.

The glory is in giving now.

Dr. Brij Bhambi specializes in cardiac and vascular intervention, nuclear cardiology, consultative and general cardiology and holds board certification in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. He is a chief medical officer at Bakersfield Heart Hospital.