Former Garces head football coach Jim Maples.

I think most of us would agree that anytime a married couple is killed and leaves behind young orphaned children, it is a sad story. It does not matter if the couple are American citizens or illegal immigrant citizens of another country.

But, what is also sad is that many blame ICE officers for the tragedy in Delano this year that left young children without parents. The blame lies directly at the feet of California Gov. Jerry Brown and the elitist liberal California politicians. The policies of this sanctuary state are making our state the most dangerous in the union.

The couple in Delano that ran from ICE officers would not have been put in that situation if California did like the rest of America and handed over jailed illegal immigrants, instead of making ICE officers roam the streets of California to find them.

American citizens come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The diversity of American citizens is a big part of what makes our country the greatest in the history of the world. Legal immigration has made us what we are today. What California’s “so called” leaders are doing is just the opposite. The only people they are protecting are the illegal immigrants. They are doing everything they can to integrate illegal immigrants into our California communities with more freedoms than an American citizen.

They can get a driver’s license, they can commit crimes and get released back into our communities, and they can even shoot and kill a beautiful American citizen and get off virtually scot free.

But, the one and only reason they are doing this is to give them the right to vote. These elite politicians could care less about brown, black or white skinned American middle and lower socioeconomic citizens. They want the illegal immigrant population to be beholden to them and keep them in power no matter the cost.

The threat to the survival of our state is here right now. I applaud Orange and San Diego counties for doing their part to stave off this threat by joining in the federal lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state policies. I am calling on the Kern County Board of Supervisors to get off their duff and join them in this fight. Quit wallowing in your sorrow regarding the redistricting of the boundaries in Kern County.

It seems interesting to me that not one word was spoken about the black community getting representation on the Board of Supervisors. How many of those being counted for representation are illegal immigrants? We are being lead on the path of destruction by groups like the Dolores Huerta Foundation, whether it be in education or politics. Stand up and get a backbone and start by declaring that Kern County refuses to be a part of a sanctuary state. Now is the time to fight back.

No longer will we put the interests of illegal immigrants over the interests of American citizens. This is not a race issue, it is an issue of the rights of all American citizens.

Jim Maples is the former head football coach at East Bakersfield and Garces Memorial high schools. The opinion expressed are his own.