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If like me, you must be wondering what on earth is going on in our normally peaceful USA.

We’re asking: “Who created disastrous events during recent months — and why?”

• Who created the destructive 574 riots during the summer of 2020 in business sectors of major U.S. cities?

• Who created the “smash and grab” theft of inventory by gangs of criminals?

• Why did Critical Race Theory emanate so quickly and spread so broadly in local school districts — as has the 1619 Project?

• Why are major institutions enabling China’s economy to grow dramatically — and condoning China’s efforts to destroy our nation from within?

• Why are our military suddenly so “woke?” How did our military leave so many Americans behind in Kabul?

• Why is our southern border open to all — even in the midst of a pandemic?

• Why are most major media outlets supportive only of liberal goals of our current federal administration?

• How did “cancel culture” originate? Sanctuary cities? Historic statute removals?

• Where did our president and governors receive power to impose mandates beyond the scope of legitimate science — and our Constitution?

• Who offered the arrogant notion that we humans can control our climate?

Many assume they know the answer. They characterize these events as traditional differing beliefs between Republicans and Democrats, of course. (This is reinforced by data that show most, if not all, recent riots and retail store attacks have occurred only in cities with Democrat mayors and states with Democrat governors.)

Others say it’s liberals versus conservatives. Still others offer it’s our nation’s relatively small number of “coastal elites” versus a vastly larger number of populists in “fly-over states” — those states between our Atlantic and Pacific coasts. I’ve long agreed with this latter answer.

However, many are beginning to say something like, “Yes, it is indeed elites versus populists — yet there’s a much deeper dimension about which we rarely, if ever, hear in national media.”

They allude to it as Socialism — usually preceded by the adjective “secular” — to indicate a godless system totally contrary to our historical system based on Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs.

Now, we’re getting closer to the true root cause of who is behind all these recent calamities — and why. We’ve read many historical and contemporary quotations that our nation is vulnerable to destruction from within. The above recent calamities convincingly prove that vulnerability.

What we’re witnessing is a contemporary version of the ancient battles of “good versus evil” — more recently, the work of evil by godless Marxists and such atheists as the likes of George Soros, plus other secular individuals and organizations — especially Communist China.

Unfortunately, otherwise well-intended Democrats, liberals and elites are too often lured (either innocently or politically) into support of these destructive actions (and intentional inactions) and their equally negative outcomes.

How else could these adverse events become so prevalent — in such a short time?

Christians and Jews must arise and proactively defeat these efforts at every opportunity. The 2022 mid-term elections will be one good opportunity; however, actions are needed NOW to redirect local school boards from their use of Critical Race Theory and other inimical and fundamentally evil curricula — as listed above.

A popular local radio personality advises his listeners to “shift from our role as spectators and “get into the game!” Accordingly, Christians and Jews need to seek election to local school boards (plus other boards and commissions in general), city councils, county boards, state legislatures and Congress.

Only then can these negative and destructive outcomes be avoided.

Our founders properly set the stage for such faith-based leadership and vision. Now, it’s our challenge — our obligation — to make certain their historic vision perpetuates, not dissipates! Or even worse, “evaporates!”

These events have given our Lord’s Prayer new meaning where we ask, “Deliver us from evil.”

Where action will you take?

John Pryor is a local management consultant, Christian lay leader, and lifelong Bakersfield resident.