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Garrison Moratto of Bakersfield is host of The New Diplomatist podcast. He received his MS in international relations from Liberty University.

The coming year will be dominated by many headlines and narratives; some like the brutal and still-searing war in Ukraine, are sadly easy to predict. Others, like the occurrence of what the stock market terms a “black swan” crisis, a disruption that few foresee and that even fewer are prepared for (2020 anyone?) are harder to predict. Yet predictions are only half of governance, the other, arguably more important half, is setting an agenda and achieving goals in the face of what comes, regardless of the unknowns.

International diplomacy is a shifting business, and we have sadly witnessed war-torn ravages replacing what had only recently been fairly stable zones around the world. Reactionary policy is an essential part of the State Department toolkit to stem bleeding and enact a kind of foreign policy triage. Yet we must never allow proactive policy to atrophy. America may face challenges and constraints, but we remain a powerful and influential state on the world stage. We have unique diplomatic resources and the responsibility to direct them wisely. I am here to urge they be directed towards India.