Tim Stormont

Tim Stormont

The current controversy with the Supreme Court’s impending decision on Roe v. Wade has been incubating for a long time. Up until now, addressing both the legal and moral questions with this decision have been sidestepped for 50 years, much like the issue of slavery was sidestepped in this country for its first three score and ten years. Then, as now, the excuse for mistreating human life is that the victims somehow aren’t quite human.

Margaret Sanger, a believer in eugenics, founded Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the USA. Eugenics is an inherently racist belief that certain races are superior to others and that mixing with others diminishes the superior race. It was a very popular concept in the early 20th century, that eventually led to World War II. Her approach to the problem was to deal with it in clinics to keep the inferior race populations from growing.

The whole premise of legalizing abortion was supposedly to take it from the back alley into clinics so it would be “Safe, Legal & Rare.” And yet, although legal, it is not safe, and it definitely is not rare. We have politicians who want to impose greater and greater restrictions on gun ownership on the chance that they might be used to hurt someone. Yet many of those same politicians oppose any limits at all on a procedure in which less than half of the patients going into the procedure room come out alive, not only the fetuses, but thousands of women annually by complications as well.

When Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) was coerced by activist lawyers into offering an affidavit with perjured testimony she had no idea it would be turned into a political cause that would seek to legalize abortion up to the point of natural birth. At the horror of what it caused she recanted later in life. Under political cover abortionists like Kermit Gosnell felt justified in the serial killing of live births when the abortions failed. It is clear some restrictions are necessary.

Regarding the legal and medical issues surrounding abortion, there are many other things to address. One of the most common procedures used in an abortion is the D&C. This procedure is used to address several gynecological issues other than abortion; it does not make sense to criminalize the procedure’s use altogether. Several other medical procedures, although strongly associated with birth control or abortion, are in the same boat.

Morally, Psalm 139:13-17 speaks of how God views the unborn child when it says of God, “My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully assembled... Your eyes saw my unformed substance and in your book all the days fashioned for me were written... How precious are your thought toward me Oh God!” If God was only concerned with humans once they leave the womb such statements would not exist.

Even if the High Court’s leaked decision comes out unaltered, abortion will not be banned nationwide; it will go back to the states. Before California fully embraces pushing it to the limit and becoming an abortion vacation destination, it needs to be asked how much it enjoys the drought we have already because of God’s mercy withheld.

Tim Stormont is a local architect and lifelong east Bakersfield resident.

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