A few years ago I expressed an opinion in this forum that Darwin had the direction wrong in his infamous theory. In that mankind is regressing from the era of enlightenment toward becoming a tadpole at the edge of a pond. I have observed little evidence that conflicts with that opinion since. Reports coming out of Western Europe suggest the commoners are hoarding used furniture so that they may burn it this coming winter to keep warm.

Three large money laundering efforts have been at play in America recently that factor into the equation. One is the pharmaceutical expansion act of 2020 (think COVID), two is the defense contractors recovery act of 2022 (think Ukraine) and three, solar panel manufacturers and lithium miners expansion act of several years ago (think climate change). For clarity, the money laundering scheme is the spending of a corporate pre-tax dollar with accomplished lobbyists in Washington and in return receiving 10 after-tax dollars. Humm, I wonder if this has any correlation with numerous lawmakers with more than 20 years of “service” and their becoming multimillionaires?