Today’s democratic politics is a daunting task for its leadership. They are figuratively herding a bunch of cats. Each independent of the other.

Many different priorities with differing benefits for individuals, families, constituents, country and “coalitions.”

We know the problem. We read about it every day in The Californian. So far a solution has evaded them because of a lack of unanimity of purpose. These are smart people experienced in the “dance“ of politics. Ask for more than you want and then play the Savior by conceding to an agreement supported by the necessary majority.

My focus today is on the real possibility that not enough of these “cats” have recognized the reality of our changed world!

When my children wanted something we couldn’t provide, sweet Mother Jackie would respond with “I want the moon! Get me the moon!“

Borrowing a page from her wisdom the Democratic leadership should demand either get in line and support the progress that can be accomplished or “get your constituents the moon!”

Other than trying to help by serving on the Panama school board in the early 1970s with other dedicated board members, I have shied away from politics. I found that I have difficulty in compromising in order to reach what can be done if it requires me to abandon my long-held commitment to truth and principle.

For me, the political process is a bridge too far. (Short?)

I respect those who do serve us in their representative capacity. However, I sometimes wonder if they realize that they have been given the sacred trust of each of us to exercise their talents timely as in the game of cards, to “know when to hold em and know when to fold em”?!

(Kenny Rogers.)

My advice to Republicans (I have been both) is to return to your conservative roots and remove the weeds of “Trumpism.” You were doing just fine with your word and conduct intact before you were hijacked by the man who would be king!

(If he could.)

Stay with truth, fiscal responsibility and science then each of you will share in the pride of preserving this great country and its institutions. You should make this a legacy to President Abraham Lincoln, your Republican icon.

I realize that my views may jeopardize my friendships with long-respected friends on both sides of the aisle. That would be an unintended consequence. My purpose is to reinforce the long-held political views of both parties so they can bask in the pride of doing the people's work with integrity and wisdom.

If not now — when?

Phil Rudnick is an attorney, farmer, rancher, businessman and life-long Bakersfield resident. He can be reached at