The Rev Angelo Frazier

The Rev. Angelo Frazier

Remember the vanity license plates that were issued to put on our cars? Decorative, catchy and certainly creative, those plates sought to speak to our community, our society and ultimately our identity.

Maybe those small rectangular metal canvases were simply a preview of what was to come.

I believe the new vanity plates come in the form of Critical Race Theory along with gender fluidity. No longer to be posted on motor vehicles, these plates must hang from our hearts, representing national pride as well as our individualized and sexualized identity. Why? Because the insatiable appetite for self-expression fueled from the perpetual drumbeat of societal disillusionment is springing from daily polls and politicized focus group.

Biology and science must take a back seat to this newest form of historical revisionism and opinion-based speculation infused with intellectual rationalization. This is to be trumpeted as the means of our modus operandi. They are a proposed spiritual onement which will bring about our national healing and free us to explore and expand our individual sexual identity. Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity are now positioned as the new standards of historical validation, self-realization or ideological manipulation.

This massive and progressive effort is not only what can be reimagined, but worse than that, how we as a nation can redefine our very identity.

For instance, the issue of bullying, which is wrong in any form, is simply no longer about threats and harm but about the potential threats and harm perceived or imagined.

Names of football teams, the American flag, the “In God We Trust” script on our money and even historical statues may now be classified a form of “harming” our collective conscience and so they must be removed.

We must face the spiritual fact and reality of sin! Yes, it has reversed the intentionality of purpose, design and function of God’s greatest creation which He had given us the definition of from the very beginning of time in His Word. It has clearly defined good vs. evil on this earth and the sin that leads to our destruction.

Sin has stained us beyond repair and no created institution can change that.

Only a Savior, sent from God, who died on a cross, was buried and rose from the dead has been designated for our redemption.

By ourselves, we will dig deeper the hole into the cesspool of misery and destruction. We refuse to see that up can’t be down, wrong can’t be right and truth can never be a lie. Starting within the human heart, saturating the mind, numbing the soul and quenching the spirit, this begins the solo journey of unleashed resentment, delusional misery and unapologetic anger.

The deep dive into depravity is anchored first in the slow fade of selfish ambitions. This is where sin has its roots, wanting “what I want” is the anthem call of “self”-realization. One small step away from the original purpose of God is met with the giant leap into the abyss. For without Him all is vanity and striving after the wind.

The Rev. Angelo Frazier is a pastor and a volunteer chaplain with the Bakersfield Police Department.