“The course of events compels the revolution to concentrate all its forces of destruction against the State power and to set itself the aim, not of improving the state machine but of smashing and destroying it,” Lenin wrote just three months before his Bolshevik Revolution faction seized the Russian government in 1917. “All previous revolutions perfected the state, whereas it must be broken, smashed,” he said.

Lenin really did smash the state as it had been, and the Soviet Union and subsequent communist governments really did crush their previous ruling classes.

Unlike the horrors of life under Soviet rule, generations of Americans have been blessed with elected representatives who supported and upheld the founding principles of this nation’s democratic government and institutions. Bakersfield’s own Congressman Kevin McCarthy was one of those.

Who would expect less from a man who is self described as a "proud son of Bakersfield?" Who is dedicated to preserving and promoting the American Dream for all hard-working Americans. Who is a principled conservative and strongly believes that we must protect our nation’s founding ideals. Who, as Republican Leader, has a unique ability to bring people together to solve problems and deliver meaningful results. And, throughout his congressional office there is a mantra; "have the wisdom to listen and the courage to lead."

The credibility of these virtues echo in his statements commemorating the sudden surprise attack of 9/11: “We remember our fallen heroes ... when our country was suddenly, unexpectedly attacked ... we fought back.”

As chair of the Young Republican National Federation, he urged congressional investigations into those attacks, determined to uncover the facts and discover who was responsible and to hold them accountable.

He now denounces the Chinese Communists for secretive efforts to cover up their part in the coronavirus pandemic, demanding they be investigated.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy. Steadfast defender and protector of American values. Implacable enemy of all foreign adversaries, past, present and future. Impeccable Christian roots. Admired by numerous proud sons of Bakersfield. Indisputable rock solid patriot.

So, given this record, I ask in puzzled disbelief, “What in blazes happened to Kevin McCarthy on Jan. 6, 2021?!”

In a bewildering turn of events, the fragrance of his personal patriotism and love for country vanished. In its place has risen the stench of loyalty and willing obeisance to a form of political power that shouts brazen tyranny. Enter Congressman Donald McCarthy.

Since Jan. 6, Donald McCarthy bears no resemblance to the Kevin McCarthy revealed throughout this letter. His words/silence, actions/inactions tolerate the smashing of our nation’s historical values and reasons for existence. I ask in disbelief, “What and who in blazes infected and transformed Kevin?” The answer is unmistakable. He passively condones the ultimate mission of Steve Bannon, chief facilitator for the 2016-20 presidential administration.

In multiple interviews since 2013, Bannon proudly proclaims, “I am a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishments. I want to deconstruct the administrative state and smash all it stands for.”

The founding principles and ideals of this nation’s democratic government and institutions — the patriotism, valor, heroism and selfless sacrifice of military veterans; opposition to foreign enemies that would destroy our way of life; determination to investigate and uncover truth; opposition to secretive effects to cover up actions that might result in holding individuals and countries accountable — who would expect less from a person elected to represent Kern County residents in Congress? These honorable American ideals were embodied by Kevin McCarthy. They do not embody Congressman Donald McCarthy.

Unlikely and dim the possibility, Nov. 8, provides a chance for proud sons and daughters of Bakersfield to unseat the impostor Donald McCarthy. Ten months until Election Day. Ten months to think.

Larry M. Holochwost is a retired superintendent of the South Fork Union School District and served as a staff sergeant in the US Air Force from 1966-1970.