• By Dr. Randal Beeman

Since the Fall of 2001 the United States military has conducted operations all across the planet, including major (unsuccessful) wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and numerous smaller wars, including our current undeclared war on the government of Syria.

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  • By Aaron Steenbergen

On Feb. 7, The Californian reported that “KHSD board rejects pay hike,” and the story was both informative and revealing. Informative in that we learned how our board voted. Revealing because it showed a weakness in its understanding and a proper recognition of the standard board remuneratio…

  • By Al Williams

Chevron has operated in Monterey County for over 70 years, and in Fresno and Kern counties for over 100 years. For our Chevron family and yours, we spend considerable time and effort conducting our operations in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner that meets or exceeds regulatory req…

  • By Jack Hernandez

There was a city where the Different were segregated by law. They could not attend the same schools as the Accepted, could not sit at the same counters as the Accepted, had to ride in the back of the bus, and had to wear a badge identifying themselves as the Different.

  • By Tom Alexander

The senior pastor said no. So did the church's associate pastors. Even Jeanette's mom and dad were against this marriage — that is, until we told them we would forego looking for a minister and instead drive the five-hour trip to get married in Las Vegas, an easy-way-out suggestion that the …

  • Elizabeth Keranen

By 1908 the United States was growing fast and, along with that, growth crime flourished. Lacking adequate housing, millions of immigrants crowded into tenements and slums to become easy prey for thieves, con artists and other law breakers. Henry Ford’s Model T was introduced at this time an…

  • Ken Bertolucci

As a high school student growing up in Bakersfield, we had a class trip to Disneyland each year. In our freshman year my buddies and I spent hours running around the Magic Kingdom, trying to squeeze in all the attractions before our bus left for home.

  • By Angelo Haddad

“It’s the economy stupid!” was the mantra used by candidate Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign referencing the temporary economic decline during the latter part of George H. W. Bush’s administration. The effective use of the slogan combined with H. Ross Perot’s third-party ca…


Last week, with Congress heading for yet another government shutdown, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., said, "Our country was founded by geniuses, but it's run by idiots." Determined to prove Sen. Kennedy right, our Republican controlled government — led by a Republican president who touted hi…

  • By Stafford Betty For The Californian

On a trip home recently to visit family, I met Brenda, age 67, at a neighborhood gathering. The strange story she told us lit up the dinner table. I had just mentioned I wrote a middle-grade novel about a clairvoyant child, and Brenda’s husband said that Brenda, who was back in the kitchen, …

  • BY DAVID CLARK For The Californian

I am taking this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to a man of great love, spiritual wisdom, kindness and compassion, the Rev. Dr. Tim Vivian, priest-in-charge of St. Paul's Episcopal here in Bakersfield on this, the time of his retirement after 30 years of serving the people of God.

  • By Sal Moretti

I got a text from Holly Lazzerini, funder and co-creator of the city’s program to pay the homeless to clean up the bike trail. “Sal, you like to write. Can you write an article about the Bakersfield Homeless Center crews on the bike trail, telling what they’ve done?”

  • By Jack Hernandez

Language is an amazing tool. With it we can describe our inner and outer lives, light and darkness, wind and rain, roads and cars, smiles and frowns. And other people: those we know, those who are strangers, those who are different.

  • By Jonathan Yates

Despite four years and upwards of $86 million spent on the F Street proposal, somehow our Bakersfield City Council failed to consider, or chose to ignore nearly all best practices, in designing our proposed high-speed rail station. Had they learned from the many HSR successes and failures th…

  • By Norm Haughness

Now he’s calling our African allies bad names. How much more must America endure? This man, appointed to office despite a resounding popular-vote loss in the 2016 election, drags us down into a pit of racist raving un-approached by his worst predecessors. Never before have we had to wince in…

  • By Bruce Hargreaves

I was shocked to hear what President Trump said about Africa in a meeting on immigration with legislators last week at the White House. Not so much because of the stupid language used (and denied), but because he managed to denigrate an entire continent — good, bad and in between.

  • By Alvin G. Sandrini

Dianne Hardisty offered an interesting historical perspective in her Jan. 11 article, "Confidential documents protect public’s right to know." She likened some of her experiences to those portrayed in the recently released movie, "The Post."

  • By Evelyn Young Spath

I used to be afraid to show up in my own life. I've stood on the sidelines watching my life unfold like a spectator at a parade. I’ve retreated to the corners and shadows, afraid of criticism, of being judged, of being an embarrassment or disappointment to myself or others.


In 2013, I started the Kern River Conservancy to help keep the Kern River clean and safe. It’s not a particularly romantic story: We just got tired of seeing trash and graffiti up and down the banks of our beautiful river. It was from there that we started organizing volunteers and cleaning …

  • By Vince Fong

If you ask anyone who has lived or worked in Kern County, we take great pride in our ability to power and fuel the state. Our diverse energy portfolio should be a global model, and we work tirelessly to make sure Kern County continues to thrive in an ever-changing global market. Under Califo…

  • By Terry Maxwell

The High Speed Rail Project is going to be completed. Not only is it going to be built, it is going to do everything they have promised. The system will have great ridership and pay for itself. It is going to have all of the economic impacts to Bakersfield that have been presented in many wo…

  • By Norm Haughness

The ethos of our country is not something we see or hear discussed very often by our leaders. This is surprising. For it is ethos, the guiding beliefs and moral nature of any democratic society, that determines the very quality of life of its citizens, as it does of ours.