• By Lorenzo Vargas

Notwithstanding whatever legislation she proposed, cosponsored and/or voted for in her years in Congress that proved to be beneficial to the people, Sen. Dianne Feinstein confirms she is against implementing a single-payer, Medicare-for-all program here in the United States. In vivid contras…

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  • By Yuki Takeuchi

One of my students recently told me that his family was never proud of him before he began to learn Japanese in my class. He said, "My mom cried when I sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ in Japanese to her ... I've never made her proud of me before, but she is now."

  • By Jim Maples

I think most of us would agree that anytime a married couple is killed and leaves behind young orphaned children, it is a sad story. It does not matter if the couple are American citizens or illegal immigrant citizens of another country.

  • By Brik McDill

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation news: “Results from the study out of UC Irvine suggest the passage of Proposition 47 in 2014 ‘has had no effect on violent crimes, including homicide, rape, aggravated assault and robbery,’ UCI said Wednesday.”

  • By Mike Miller

There are many opinions regarding a business owner’s responsibility to serve the public versus their right to offer services aligned with their personal beliefs. On any issue, sides are often drawn based on individual views about the issue with each side promoting one right over another. How…

  • By Richard Kemp

The city of Bakersfield has many delightful historical assets, but few rival the great political and judicial pioneer of the 20th century, Earl Warren. As we consider the local debate to name the federal courthouse in downtown Bakersfield as a tribute to him, it is necessary to explore the p…

  • By Andy Wahrenbrock

Recently CSU Bakersfield professor Margaret Malixi wrote of a presentation by representatives of the Federal Reserve System at the university ("Learn more about US monetary policy tonight at CSUB recreation center," April19).


Venture capitalist Tim Draper’s idea to split California into three states might be far-fetched, but Bakersfield residents can surely appreciate the motivation behind it. California has enacted hundreds of onerous laws designed to please residents of the coast and the capital, while others a…

  • By Robert Hartley

The Great Divide is located in the Rocky Mountains. It determines the direction that water will drain, easterly to the Mississippi River complex and then continuing on to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, or westerly to the Pacific Ocean.

  • By Russell Ming

In Notre Dame professor Patrick Deneen’s new book "Why Liberalism Failed," he issues one of the most profound critiques of today’s political order.

  • By Vince Fong and Dr. William J. Farr

Are you ready for longer lines at the emergency waiting room, weeks or months of waiting to get an appointment with a physician, or drives of two or three hours to visit the nearest hospital or clinic? This could be the new reality for California, because the state Legislature is considering…

  • By Heidi Carter-Escudero

Last Saturday night, as May the 4th spilled into May the 5th, the wake up alarm sounded at midnight and, after a moment or two, I remembered why I was in a hotel room in Lompoc, minutes away from the south entrance to Vandenberg Air Force Base.

  • By David Womack

I wrote a Community Voices piece a few weeks ago in which I asked, “Who do we Americans need to be?” In that March 7 article I said I didn’t like who we were becoming. I spoke of our divisiveness and our propensity to label anyone who disagrees with us as "the other." I suggested the issues …

  • By Alex Ramirez

I am an avid angler with two young anglers-in-training, and I travel and fish extensively for my work as the owner of Outdoor Specialty Products, which represents major fly fishing brands in four Western states. So public lands are very important to me.

  • By Jack Hernandez

In Sheepland, a democracy ruled through freedom of speech and voting, it was time to elect a new leader, known as the Head Shepherd. It had been four years, and the current Head Shepherd was retiring to a life of grazing on green pastures, by still waters, after the challenges of his Shepherdhood.

  • By Sonya Christian

On May 11, Bakersfield College will celebrate a special graduating class, its 104th. Graduation is always a time of celebration and accomplishment, for students, for college faculty and staff, and for the community. But this year’s class is a special celebration for the community to join in …

  • By Richard Kemp

April presented those who want to reform marijuana laws with a great opportunity to get the word out. But cannabis shares the stage, for better or worse, with the nation's devastating opioid epidemic, which has fostered debate about effective and safe medical practices.


The support systems that guide and define us are crucial. When I started college as a young, eager African-American man, I got lost in the chaos after only one year. The experience of navigating college with no direction as an 18-year-old was intimidating to say the least. After dropping out…

  • By William Schiewe

I don't understand what has conservatives in the Central Valley so scared about AB 1745, the 2040 EV mandate. It's ridiculous legislation, but why not give liberals more rope for their collective incumbent nooses? Better question: Whatever happened to conservatives allowing the market to dec…

  • By Lesley Bonds

On the heels of International Women’s Day, [White] Women’s Equal Pay Day, and a massively successful Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference, I find myself reflecting on the ways in which women have shaped my life and the communities in which I’ve lived.

  • By Jack Hernandez

In a land far away, there is a city upon a hill whose light has shined and welcomed all from other cities and the rocky and barren lands between. The light says, “Bring in your hungry, your poor, your outcasts, and welcome, also, is the stranger.” And for years they have come, have been heal…

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  • By William Bezdek, M.D.

Guns don’t kill people — people do. More people are killed by cars than guns, so why not ban cars? The Second Amendment insures our liberty to own guns which you need for self-defense and protection from tyranny. In my opinion, all of these statements demonstrate defective thinking and come …

  • By Andrea Gomez and Summer Wren

There have been a number of articles in the past discrediting the voice of young people. An April 11 article stated, “Maybe you students can find the answer to all these school shootings by using your smart phones, or maybe your smart phones are part of the problem. As for now, this adult wo…

  • By Karene Williams

With the recent $5,000 grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, the rural Kern River Valley (KRV) is over halfway to enjoying its first-ever skateboard park. Other areas of Kern County are relatively “next door” to one or more of the county’s 17-plus skate parks. But in the underserved KRV, ener…


I received a call from a parent of one of my Bakersfield High School freshmen last week. “My daughter needs to go on independent studies,” she said. “She hates coming to school. She’s afraid, because there are fights every day on campus and the students are rude to the teachers and the class…

  • By Sal Moretti

After the latest school shootings, a friend suggested I write about gun control next. I told her no. This subject gets so much attention from others that I don’t have a strong opinion, and I had nothing to add.

I suppose it's an American trait to boast about your house going up in price while reminiscing how a cup of coffee used to only cost a dime. Both are subject to the same forces, known as inflation/currency debasement with a debt chaser. To further expand, the discussion below uses the year 1…

Bakersfield and Kern County are really big on making money with guns for a lot of different charities and service organization fundraisers. Did you know that? I would estimate 40-50 organizations host events at the Kern County Gun Club and Five Dogs Range over a year's time. Participants off…

Last year, the membership of Chevron Valley Credit Union agreed to merge into Safe 1 Credit Union. Credit union mergers, such as this one, typically result in stronger lending products and better services for members. Credit unions — locally-owned financial cooperatives — have seen an uptick…

  • By Randal Beeman

I am on the political left. I hate the National Rifle Association. I do not own a gun. I have been a victim of firearms violence. (Shot breaking up a bar fight at the age of 20.) And I am a strident supporter of keeping “assault” weapons available and leaving the Second Amendment exactly as it is.

  • By Stephen Montgomery

Hear hear! As TBC Columnist Robert Price points out ("What creek? Changing park's name is appropriate," March 28), the current name of Stonecreek Park is contrived and without any physical or cultural reference save for repeating the name of a nearby development. Its name is equally contrive…