I watched every minute of the impeachment hearings and feel like I am one of the very few. Why did I do it? I am old enough to remember watching the Clinton impeachment hearings. I wanted to know how our country, which is known for due process and treating everyone equally, has come to a place where due process is not being served.

I watched a hearing where Republicans could not call witnesses. I watched a hearing where Adam Schiff made the rules, without any bipartisan support. It made me think about what goes on in a courtroom in America. Prosecutors and defense attorneys both have access to the same information, and anything submitted into evidence must be accessible to the other party. Both sides can call their own witnesses and ask the questions they want, if they are not sustainable questions. Why did this not happen in a congressional hearing?

I will be very glad if the House draws up articles of impeachment, which they say hasn’t been done yet. The president should have a hearing in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this would be a fair trial. Both sides would have equal opportunity. This is how it should be. Both Democrats and Republicans will be allowed to call witnesses. The president of the United States said that he would be willing to testify, although personally, I would never advise that.

Even with a fair trial in the Senate, you must ask yourself what is the point of this? There is no indication that any vote in the Senate would not be along party lines. After a trial, it would still be impossible for the president to be impeached. The votes would not be there for the Democrats.

The most astounding part to me, besides feeling like this is wasting time and money, is that there are six senators running for president. They would be obligated to sit in these hearings all day, every day. What does this mean? It means they will not be out on the campaign trail and they can't speak about impeachment. Even though they will not be attending any debates due to their schedules, if they were asked a question in a debate about the impeachment, they would not be able to answer it.

I feel that moving on with this impeachment is bad for all sides, including the country. I think most people are getting “impeachment fatigue.” I know I am getting tired of hearing about it. There are so many things that Congress can be doing for this country. It is supposed to be working for the people. What does it have to show for accomplishments in the last three years?

Stefanie Daubert is a Bakersfield resident and a master of social work student.