A few responses to some apparently misinformed letter writers.

One letter writer writes, "If you are knowledgeable of the Bible you would see that in the past God chose those not of a particular Christian mold to be used as leaders for the greater good (i.e. David, Paul, etc.)" ("Letter to the Editor: Trump will be just fine," Aug. 20).

Of course David and Paul were Jews and of a Jewish mold. However, Paul is one, if not the primary one, of the creators of Christianity, and was instrumental in forming the "Christian mold." Being knowledgeable of the Bible, the letter writer would be familiar with Romans 13:1 that states, "there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained by God." If you take this literally, God put Trump in the White House. But God also put in power the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Un, Putin and a host of other unsavory characters throughout history. Hmm.

The letter writer also claims that Trump has accomplished more good in his first term than any president before him. Absurd in the extreme. This statement was pulled out of thin air. Has this letter writer done an analysis of the first terms of 43 previous presidents and compared them with an objective analysis of Trump's?

The writer then states that Trump has created the greatest economy this country has ever known. Absurd again. A different letter writer claimed Trump "revived" our economy. Hardly. Trump has mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic from the start and takes no responsibility. No news there. The economy is in shambles and he looks clueless. The stock market is coasting on eight years of economic gains by Obama and only deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations keeps stocks in a bull market.

Corruption in his administration has led to more than two dozen indictments. He apparently has transferred funds from his campaign to prop up some of his businesses, and he is making money from some of his other businesses in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He took a vow to uphold the Constitution. This is cause for impeachment in itself. Perhaps the greatest economy the country has ever known are the years after World War II under the Truman and Eisenhower presidencies.

This alternate letter writer claims that the liberal news media spreads falsehoods and slanted news reports. Actually, that's Fox News.

And this person says that America is alive and well — and it's already great, ask any immigrant. OK, ask immigrants whose children have been taken away. Ask any who are being detained in deplorable conditions. And we call ourselves a Christian country. Immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America are fleeing poverty, crime and drug lords. Where else could they flee? Many of the problems south of the border can be laid at the feet of American interference in their economies and politics. And our insatiate need for illegal drugs enables the drug trafficking and corresponding crime associated with it.

And now, being behind in the polls, Trump is looking for any means to restrict the enfranchisement of minorities and mail-in ballot users who usually vote for Democrats. Besides this, there is gerrymandering, locating polling places in inconvenient places and reducing the number of polling places. He will cheat to win at any cost; his constant lies, distortions and verbal bullying go on and on while his Republican toadies are praising him ad nauseam. The future of democracy, the country and the planet does not bode well if he is reelected.

David Keranen is a retired educator.