Marylee Shrider 

When the news broke that a leaked Supreme Court opinion showed Roe v. Wade might soon be overturned, pro-life advocates reacted with joyful, yet cautious optimism.

Left-leaning abortion supporters, on the other hand, appeared to forget what century they live in, with elected leaders and media pundits wildly predicting that overturning Roe would lead to open season on other social issues like gay marriage and voting rights, and even take us back to the days of interracial marriage bans and segregated schools.

President Joe Biden was rendered so addled by the possibility of Roe’s demise, he forgot during an interview to use the euphemisms routinely favored by the left, saying, “The idea that we’re going to make a judgement that is going to say no one can make the judgement to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard.”

If you can pick your way through that word salad, you’ll note Biden’s use of the word “child,” a rare acknowledgement by Biden of a simple biological reality — that our unborn children are fully fledged members of the human family.

The hysterics will no doubt continue for months, but no matter. After nearly 50 years and more than 62 million deaths, it now seems likely that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

Should that happen, the legality of abortion becomes an issue for states. It’s estimated that 26 states will implement severe restrictions on abortion or ban it outright, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion rights. California won’t be one of them.

California’s Democratic lawmakers are working feverishly to ensure that every woman who wants an abortion at any stage of her pregnancy can come to the Golden State and have one, courtesy of its tax-paying citizens.

Sensing the future of Roe v. Wade was in doubt, Gov. Gavin Newsom formed the Future of Abortion Council in September of 2021. By December, the group had produced a blueprint outlining 45 policy recommendations on how to prepare for the downfall of Roe and legislators have wasted no time pushing through a host of those recommendations in the form truly ghastly pro-abortion bills.

The most horrifying is SB 2223, a bill that will establish a woman’s right to kill her unborn, hours-old, and even week-old infants. Matthew McReynolds, an attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute, said lawmakers “have crossed a red line” with this egregious bill.

“This is not about expanding abortion rights,” McReynolds said. “This is a degree of evil that the overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of how they identify politically, cannot stomach.”

The bill allows a woman to take the life of her unborn child through all nine months of pregnancy and after birth by decriminalizing “perinatal death” and preventing official investigations of the cause of infant deaths after birth.

Other bills, like SB 1142, will provide funding for women to come out of state to California for abortions by paying all costs, including travel, hotel, childcare expenses and compensation for lost work hours. Another, AB 1918, will recruit and train abortionists and will award scholarships and pay student debt for those who agree to perform abortions.

The list goes on, but so will the fight for life in California. On June 22, California March for Life will take place at our State Capitol to deliver the peaceful message that the lives of our most vulnerable citizens matter. This is an historic year. Join us and be part of it.

For details, contact Right to Life of Kern County Executive Director Jasmin Bustamante at 661-864-7508.

Marylee Shrider is former executive director of Right to Life of Kern County.