So many residents throughout Kern County have a connection to Bakersfield College. Whether you’ve graduated, transferred, earned a certificate or even just taken a class, you are a Renegade, and I’m honored to invite you to a newly formed BC alumni community - The Renegade Alumni Council!

As a graduating Centennial High School senior, I had no idea what I wanted to pursue as my lifelong career. Like many teenagers, I was interested in a lot of things, but not yet committed to a determined career path. There were so many choices and it was honestly overwhelming. The one thing I knew was that I wanted to complete college, so I did what most of us do — I went to BC.

Little did I know our “campus on the hill” would be the place where I find myself, my purpose and determine my future. It was all thanks to the exploration, learning, creativity and freedoms that I know my friends who went away to college did not receive. Not to mention, I also had some amazing faculty including professors Steven Holmes and Ed Borgens.

At BC, I was able to explore several majors while still moving forward toward graduation. I tried business administration and criminal justice, and then I finally ended up in my first political science class. After that, I was hooked and I knew I had found my passion.

I was immediately encouraged to get involved in the community and began working for a local congressman. A short time after, BC provided me my first opportunity for leadership as president of the Bakersfield College Student Government Association and student trustee for the Kern Community College District. Since graduating from BC, I’ve earned a four-year degree from Cal State Bakersfield and a law degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law. And what was the best part?

BC was beside me, cheering me on the whole way through. Friends, professors and administrators all kept in touch to ensure my success, even 2,000 miles away in Oxford, Miss.

Now, I know it’s my time to pay it forward to a community that’s treated me more like family.

I’m excited to introduce the Renegade Alumni Council, a newly formed group with no fees or cost, aimed to serve the Renegade alumni community in four different ways:

1) Promoting the social, professional, philanthropic and service interests of recent alumni

2) Fostering closer interaction between alumni and the greater community

3) Providing continued support of BC and its educational missions through service of specific initiatives

4) Educating current students and recent alumni about goals, purposes, projects and services and increasing involvement with BC.

If you were a student who graduated, transferred or even just took a class at BC, you are invited. Sign up on our website at and stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities. If you want to get involved, reach out to us at or like us on Facebook at

Come back to BC with RAC - the Renegade Alumni Council at Bakersfield College! 

Alex Dominguez is a Bakersfield College graduate and served as the BCSGA president for the class of 2015.