With the Democratic candidate having won the election, and in extending the hand of friendship and respect to all Americans, the vitriolic reaction from President Trump supporters is tragic. Tragic because their arguments are superficial, selective in evidence and deny clear facts supported by evidence.

Democracy is a fragile thing and needs nurture, not destruction and mayhem. Decrying and insulting the integrity of our election system because President Trump didn’t get the result he wanted is harmful and serves no valid purpose, no matter how his supporters spin it.

In refusing to accept a Joe Biden victory, among the points Trump supporters make, they decry investigations that “went nowhere” when, in fact, they revealed much. Like impeachment and the Senate trial that followed, in any trial how can we not anticipate acquittal when those conducting the trial, in sycophantic support of the defendant, pointedly avoid considering the available evidence.

In the hypocrisy of their selective memories they fail to recall how Hillary Clinton conceded the election shortly after losing, and that by a closer margin than that of President Trump. What’s more, she wished him well. President Obama, rather than sandbag the transition, at once directed his staff and departments to cooperate with the transition. This included him meeting with the incoming president where he offered support and counsel. And let’s not forget Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. Biden won that support by over 5 million.

While Biden critics continue to repeat evidence free cliché insults and notions about Biden, they avert their eyes from much. They repeat and decry violence they blame on BLM and “Antifa” but ignore the principal sources of violence being instigated by right wing fringe groups and non-politically affiliated opportunists. For the entire Obama administration, Republicans did everything they could to block and oppose everything Obama tried to do, including things they had previously supported. They blocked him from achieving things for which he was constitutionally entitled to. All of that for the sole purpose of keeping Obama from getting a “win.”

Throughout Trump’s entire term he has continuously engaged in angry and childish name calling, making false charges and calling on his several attorneys general to find something, anything, to charge leading Democrats with (Years later the current attorney general, William Barr, is still searching). He has disparaged our allies while sucking up to the world’s leading dictators and speaks “dog whistles” to right wing, fascist and racist fringe groups now, among his most ardent fans, elevated to the mainstream.

President Trump has led in chaos and discord. He has and continues to deny facts of science. He is disrespectful to others not part of his inner circle, and, at times those who are. President elect Biden, on the other hand, is not calling people names and not insulting people. And as a champion of science and fact-based policies, now offers real programs, policies and procedures that, if they go forward, will actually make a positive difference in the lives of Americans and recover our reputation abroad as the leader of the free world.

It’s now up to Trump’s supporters to get on board with making America a better, safer and more attractive place to live, not bite the hand of friendship based on false premises.

Stephen Montgomery is the chair of the Kern-Kaweah Chapter Sierra Club. He is on Twitter @studebiker.