After witnessing the honest but disgraceful and unfair testimony of lifelong Republicans revealing Trump’s desecration of the United States Capitol; the terribly unfair investigation of Trump’s criminal threats to election officials and solicitation of election fraud; the patently partisan effort to expose Trump’s extortion of political favors from a foreign government; and the utterly inexplicable concern over Trump’s theft of top secret nuclear documents — I am so relieved that we are finally investigating something worth worrying about: Hunter Biden’s outrageous procurement of a cushy foreign job. Oh, my goodness gracious! Worse yet — his Dad may have helped him. And thank goodness other Hunter-related “theories” are being pursued!

It is hard to believe that the preceding paragraph, which might be dismissed as over-the-top sarcasm, is and has been the formal stance of the newly minted Retrumplican House majority. (Retrumplican Sen. Josh Hawley declared, in a Nov. 18 Washington Post op ed, that the Republican Party “is dead,” so let us employ an appropriate, new and more accurate name.)