John Pryor

John Pryor

Have you noticed? (How could you not!)

Anyone who dares disagree politically with certain politicians or political groups, it’s highly probable they’ll be called a racist – as well as other ugly epithets such as misogynist, homophobe and xenophobe – to name a few. They will hurl these accusations without any evidence to support their oral and written assaults.

To effectively solve any problem, we need to identify its root causes. Respected analysts tell us if an individual or group cannot offer rational, fact-based responses, they typically resort to name-calling. This explanation makes good sense to most of us.

However, other qualified analysts have determined this otherwise valid explanation is merely a “surface symptom,” not a root cause. It’s valid, yet they have discovered a deeper root cause of this “name-calling” pattern of behavior. Resolving surface symptoms doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Attacking its root cause does!

These same analysts have determined it’s not a matter of Republicans vs. Democrats nor liberals vs. conservatives – not even “coastal elites” vs. populists (most of the rest of us between the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines).

According to Charles Kesler, senior fellow at Claremont Institute in Southern California, plus other qualified analysts, the root cause of such behavior is an uncompromising and unending battle of political progressives vs. most of the rest of us who respect and uphold traditional values – regardless of our political affiliations.

By their own declarations, progressives are determined to transform our country from its current “natural law” foundation to a radically different philosophy. For example, a quotation by then President-elect Barack Obama, five days before his inauguration, he is widely reported to have said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

His subsequent actions and inactions are “proof of the (progressive) pudding.”

Our nation is based on certain principles of “natural law,” each clearly set forth in our Declaration of Independence upon which our U.S. Constitution is based.

They are:

It is self-evident that we are all created equal

We are each endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights

Such rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sound familiar? Of course! These principles have created multiple efforts over time to elevate and align human law more closely to natural law. Examples are:

the abolition of slavery

women’s suffrage (their right to vote)

avoidance of racial discrimination in all we do and say.

Our Founding Fathers recognized we have no authority over others. Moreover, there’s no such thing as a “natural” government. Therefore, we come together as equals. We consent as equals to effect governmental measures that assure the protection and preservation of our God-given rights by the authority of our Constitution.

Progressives represent a counter-revolution against the American Revolution.

Instead of natural law, progressives believe the rights you receive come not from God or nature, but rather from government. Progressives envision granting power to government; then in return, the government decides which rights to grant to its citizens.

Progressives want to shift our nation’s foundation to human-based principles in which rights are not derived from our Creator or from nature. Instead, rights are granted by government from its man-given power. The more power given to government, the more discretion the government can use to grant, withhold or cancel the rights it deems allowable for its citizens.

Such government can be enticing. Yet it is totally contrary to everything our Founding Fathers envisioned for themselves and for their posterity – including you and me!

Therefore, the motivation for derogatory name-calling of fellow citizens is very specific. It is unequivocally to transform our nation into a secular government with systems that entirely ignore the reality of natural law, as expressed in our long-standing Judeo-Christian principles and convictions.

Psalms 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

That’s my choice for our country and its culture. What’s yours?

John Pryor is a retired management consultant and life-long resident of Bakersfield.