Editor's note: TBC Media seeks to support the efforts of local young people interested in journalism careers. Thus, we are sharing this student's efforts to further her education in this field.

I am a student at Maricopa High School and a Kern County native.

My interest in journalism started when I was in middle school, where I began watching documentaries on various animals, such as orcas, tigers and elephants. I learned about one of the most trafficked animals in the world - the pangolin. I fell in love with the animals, and with the people who put everything into helping in any way they can. Because of this, I hope to one day work with The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or National Geographic, and use my passion for writing and journalism to give voice to those who don’t have it. And because of this passion of mine, I received an extraordinary opportunity.

This past October, I was chosen to be a National Youth Correspondent for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference due to my academic record and sincere interest in journalism.

This incredible conference will be held at the esteemed George Mason University in the Washington, D.C. area. For more information, visit the official Washington Journalism and Media website at www.wjmc.gmu.edu.

During the week I am in Washington, D.C., I will gain integral skills and experience to further my goal and my future career, as well as network with some of the most prominent leaders in journalism and media.

Some of the speakers from last year include Susan Goldberg, editor in chief of National Geographic Magazine, Candy Crowley, chief political correspondent of CNN, and Hoda Kotb, co-host of “Today” on NBC.

This once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend depends on my raising enough money for the tuition and other expenses. By attending, I will be better prepared for my future career in journalism, and thereby better fitted to serve and represent my home state.

If you are feeling generous to my cause, I humbly ask that you go to my GoFundMe at GoFundMe.com/a29vwj-help-me-get-to-washington, or directly to my Paypal at PayPal.me/Savannah1682 if that is easier.

Thank you to everyone in advance for considering my request.

Savannah Kingston is a junior in high school hoping to pursue journalism in her career.