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OUR VIEW: Hits & Misses: McCarthy fills top GOP House spot

HIT — Bakersfield's own Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected House minority leader, giving his hometown a big win. Read more

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COMMUNITY VOICES: We need to do a better job caring for medically fragile children and their families

By ANU RAO ​ | ​

Thanks to major technological advances, children with serious medical conditions are living longer. While the medical community excels at p… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Murder and arson in a secular world


As I write, 13 people, the latest victims of a mass shooting, this time in Thousand Oaks, are dead. Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Job-creating apprenticeships provide solid careers

By John Spaulding ​ | ​

When you were in high school, were you one of those teenagers who knew what kind of work you wanted to do for the rest of your life? Some d… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Blessed are the huggers


Huggers and non-huggers. They are one of the world’s either-ors, which is how we often see one another: Carnivores or vegetarians, left win… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Combining BC, CSUB campuses benefits student veterans


Upon returning home from six years of service in the Coast Guard, I settled in northwest Bakersfield and was making the 30 minute commute t… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Keep drinking, Kern County, that's life as it should be

By Will Schiewe ​ | ​

Perhaps cannabis users were simply too high to remember to vote on Nov. 6, but the consensus among Kern County voters is clear: We're still… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Marijuana patients don't go to get a fix but rather to get fixed


The Californian's Sam Morgan ought to reconsider his use of the word “fix” to refer to a medical marijuana patient's medicine (“After canna… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Is identity politics hurting women in the long run?

By Stefanie Daubert ​ | ​

As a woman, and after learning the results of the mid-term elections, many things caught my attention regarding how “identity politics” can… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Why are the streets of Chicago quieter than Bakersfield?

By Anthony Ansolabehere ​ | ​

Recently, my wife and I spent a week in downtown Chicago on vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed the city, but we noticed that something was mis… Read more

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