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OUR VIEW: Hits & Misses: All aboard for ... Merced?

Miss — Ever get the urge to take a high-speed train to Merced? Neither do we. Read more

Community Voices

Gutierrez: Proposed tax on oil, gas production is unnecessary

By Robert Gutierrez ​ | ​

Although California’s state budget reserves have grown to a record high of more than $15 billion, new tax proposals keep popping up in Sacr… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Wake up and be present

By Jack Hernandez ​ | ​

We have been here before, this time of political division and turmoil. Yet, because we live in the present, we tend to think of it as uniqu… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: The truth behind oil and gas

By John Moran ​ | ​

The column written by Bryant Baker (“Iconic landscapes threatened by drilling and fracking proposal,” Jan. 27) was in serious need of some … Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: The troubling Budweiser ad on Tejon Ranch

By Paul Gipe ​ | ​

Peddling green works. After watching Budweiser's 2019 Superbowl commercial-- the Clydesdales racing through wheat fields on Tejon Ranch, wi… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Listening to Lincoln’s most important lesson on his 210th birthday

By Jeremy Adams ​ | ​

As with almost everything else in our era of acidic political discourse, Americans passionately diverge on the essential meaning of America… Read more

COMMUNITY VOICES: Strong first impressions

By Don Clark ​ | ​

I confess, except for a few items like the latest New York abortion law, I’m not paying much attention to the news these days. I’ve conclud… Read more

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