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Filling in the blanks along Coffee Road


Driving along Coffee Road these days, you can't miss the signs that a long-neglected part of town is finally catching up with the times. Read more

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California Rangeland Trust protecting ranches through use of conservation easements

What began two decades ago as a mere concept proposed by a group of innovative cattlemen has grown into the largest land trust in Californi… Read more

Crop Gifting: Turning unsold crop inventory into $$$ for charity

Remember when you were a child thinking that if you swallowed a penny, a money tree would grow inside your tummy? Read more

Learning their ABCs critical for employers utilizing independent contractors

Employers must learn their ABCs and practice them if they want to avoid legal problems in the wake of a recent California Supreme Court rul… Read more

Grant funding available for valley farmers

Kern County’s nutrient-rich soils make it a prime region for producing the many crops that contribute to the valley’s role in supplying foo… Read more

Kaiser Permanente, Kern Medical invest in community health with partnership

What does investing in community health mean? Investment can mean so many things, but at Kaiser Permanente it means utilizing a Kaiser Perm… Read more

Correction to TCJA drafting error affecting farmers comes swiftly, but bill far from perfect

Immediately after passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, requests from industry advocacy groups for guidance, clarification and/or correctio… Read more

Tariffs the latest jab Kern County’s agricultural industry has to absorb

Kern County’s agricultural industry has recently had to absorb a number of jabs. Read more

Editor’s Note: The hardships of ‘farm to table’

In recent months, I’ve become a regular at the Haggin Oaks farmers market organized by the Hens Roost, a company dedicated to providing loc… Read more

Public relations disasters leave a bad taste

Sometimes you just have to ask, “What were they thinking?” So far it’s been a doozy of a year when it comes to public relations disasters. Read more

Don’t believe the lies: Thinking you can multitask is a myth

The people who stare at their laptops or phones during my workshops or presentations undoubtedly think they can effectively listen to me an… Read more

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PHOTO GALLERY: Construction projects well under way along Coffee Road

Hotels, restaurants, office buildings are some of the construction projects underway on Coffee Road between Stockdale Highway and Hagemen R… Read more

Worth noting in business: Ag trade roundtable, labor workshop, fall farmers market

A roundtable discussion is scheduled later this week for local farmers to take up the timely topic of international trade in agriculture. Read more

Secretary of Ag Perdue slated to visit McFarland Tuesday

The nation's top farming official is scheduled to swing through Kern County Tuesday as part of a two-day visit to the Golden State. Read more