K-12 and college facilities are banding together for a new initiative called Kern Education Pledge.

The goal of the alliance is to transform the county’s education system so that the pathway to college or a career is streamlined and seamless. Members promise to share data and resources and work together toward the common goal of closing the achievement gap.

All 47 school districts in Kern County, Cal State Bakersfield, the Kern Community College District and Taft College are part of the alliance.

Cal State Bakersfield will host a news conference about Kern Education Pledge on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in the student union multipurpose room, 9001 Stockdale Hwy.

The conference will include several speakers, including Kern County Superintendent of Schools Mary Barlow, Bakersfield City School District Superintendent Doc Ervin and Kern High School District Superintendent Bryon Schaefer.

A Hall Ambulance paramedic and EMT serving the Boron area were honored by the state’s Emergency Medical Services Authority on Wednesday.

Paramedic Ken Sexton and EMT Donnie Self were recognized with a Community Service Award for spearheading the Boron Senior Center BBQ, which raises money to support the facility. Sexton and Self were given the award at a ceremony in San Francisco.

“These men and women epitomize the spirit of caring and commitment to quality healthcare that embodies these awards,” said EMSA Director Dr. Howard Backer. “They deserve official recognition for their contribution in making California’s EMS system one of the best in the world.”

In addition, paramedic field supervisors Steve Prater and Mike Zapiain, relief supervisor James Metzger, and EMT Manuel Martinez will be recognized locally with a Certificate of Commendation from the Emergency Medical Services Authority for their participation in the BBQ.

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Closing average achievement gaps in basic academic skills may be an unrealizable goal. That difficult-to-accept assertion is based in part on data provided by a national testing program.
SAT performance in national samples of college-bound students –cream of the
educational crop – is summarized in the table, below.
It is evident that average SAT Critical Reading scores for prospective college
students, haven't changed very much over a three-decade period ; and
in some instances were slightly lower in 2015 than in 1987 .
SAT Critical Reading average selected years
1987 '97 2001 '06 '11 2015
507 505 506 503 497 495 All students
524 526 529 527 528 529 White
479 496 501 510 517 525 Asian/Pac
471 475 481 487 484 481 Amer Ind
457 451 451 454 451 448 Mex-Am
436 454 457 459 452 456 Puerto R
464 466 460 458 451 449 Oth Hisp
428 434 433 434 428 431 Black
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.
(2012). Digest of Education Statistics, 2011 (NCES 2012-001), Chapter 2. SAT
mean scores of college-bound seniors, by race/ethnicity: Selected years,
1986-87 through 2010–11 (Note. 2015 data source: https://www.albert.io/blog/...

Given the investment of time, thought and resources devoted to improvement of
educational programs and opportunity for all students over the last three
decades, reliable data indicating no material change in average level of
SAT-assessed reading abilities, suggest that the levels shown in the table are
not likely to be meaningfully different for similar samples tested in 2050..

In any event it's reasonable to believe that extending the school day won't be sufficient
to close the achievement gap in reading! It appears that Asian-Americans have closed
the gap. How they managed to do it is the $64 question.

changes in average achievement.
While miracles can happen, it seems reasonable to conjecture that achievement
gaps such as those shown above may be "here to stay" .
Speaking of miracles, it would seem that Asian Americans have closed the
achievement gap! How they managed to do it is the $64 question

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