Adventist Health Bakersfield is joining 18 other health systems in California, Hawaii and Washington by offering the COPE Health Scholars program.

With at least 280 hours of participation, including 30 hours of training and exams, students can earn a certificate in patient experience and pre-licensed clinical care from the UCLA Department of Health Policy and Management, according to an Adventist Health News release. 

The program also provides opportunities to high school students ages 16-18 who can shadow a health scholar. With 164 participation hours, they can earn a certicite in patient experience and health professions studies.

“The Health Scholars program will connect students with entry-level hospital and health system jobs while enabling Adventist Health Bakersfield to establish a sustainable, best-fit talent pipeline that reduces costly recruiting expenses,” said Adventist Health Bakersfield President Sharlet Briggs in a news release. 

The Kern Valley High School is hosting a forum on the the effects of poverty on education on Monday, Aug. 13.

Staff of neighboring districts are also invited to come hear from Mike Dames, a consultant and educator, along with other teachers and classroom aides.

The presentation is based on the book "A Framework for Understanding Poverty" by Ruby Payne. According to the website for her company aha! Process, Inc., which provides resources and training for educators, Payne has 30 years of experience in public schools. She is a public speaker and author of multiple books.

The forum will begin at 8 a.m. in the Kern Valley High School Fine Arts Building. 

Another Kern High School District presentation will feature Erin Gruwell, founder of the Freedom Writers group that helped at-risk kids share their stories in writing.

Gruwell's experience was portrayed in the film "Freedom Writers" starring Hilary Swank. She will talk to staff and faculty of the district and Workforce Academy about her work with the Freedom Writers Foundation. 

Her presentation will be 8:30 a.m. to noon Monday, Aug. 13 at the Bakersfield High Harvey Auditorium. 

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Your headline is misleading. The COPE program is not for medical students, but pre-med students or other pre-health professional students.

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