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Wonderful Co. awards grants topping $1.2 million to Central Valley organizations


Local agricultural giant The Wonderful Co. owns this building adjacent to Highway 99 near Delano.

Several Kern County nonprofits were among 32 Central Valley organizations receiving more than $1.2 million from The Wonderful Co. as part of a grant program that has awarded more than $4 million since 2016.

Grants announced this week included financial support for wellness and educational programs specifically targeting communities where the $5 billion global company does business locally.

“The Wonderful Community Grants program’s goal is to serve as a catalyst for change in the Central Valley, where our employees live and work,” Andy Anzaldo, chief operating officer of Wonderful's corporate social responsibility, said in a news release Tuesday. “We are honored to support the missions of so many deserving and impactful organizations. It’s only when we work together that we have the opportunity to create meaningful change in our communities.”

Delano's 746 Sports Foundation received money for its summer camps that provide recreation and learning opportunities for 150 kids from kindergarten to eighth grade in Delano, Shafter and Wasco.

The city of Delano got a grant to help replace lights so municipally owned tennis courts can stay open later.

The company gave Community Action Partnership of Kern money in support of the nonprofit's efforts to distribute free, fresh produce to thousands of residents of Delano, Shafter and Wasco.

Kern County's Department of Human Services received a grant that will help increase enrollment of eligible people in the CalFresh food program in Delano, Shafter and Wasco.

The Kern County Library will receive money so it can provide books and other resources to 96,245 people in Delano, Lost Hills and Wasco.

Wonderful is one of Kern's largest ag producers growing and processing pistachios, almonds and citrus.