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Tatyana Hargrove looks down toward the table as attorney Neil Gehlawat speaks during an August 2017 press conference held regarding her arrest. 

A woman who recently lost a lawsuit alleging excessive force by two Bakersfield police officers was arrested Friday on suspicion of tampering with food served to a Bakersfield police officer at a McDonald's.

McDonald’s management reported that while reviewing video, they learned an employee allegedly tampered with food served to a law enforcement officer Tuesday, according to a news release from the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

A Bakersfield Police Department spokesman confirmed it was a BPD officer involved in the incident. 

McDonald's provided the video evidence to the KCSO, the Sheriff's Office said.

Tatyana Hargrove, 21, was arrested after deputies went to the restaurant at 13003 Rosedale Highway, the Sheriff's Office said.

Hargrove was at the center of a high-profile dispute with the BPD in 2017, after two police officers mistook her for a male suspect and she was bitten by a police dog. Hargrove said at the time she had been thrown to the ground and punched in the face by the officers. The officers' accounts differed from Hargrove, providing a less confrontational version of the encounter.

The BPD eventually called the encounter a case of mistaken identity while the Bakersfield chapter of the NAACP said it was racially motivated.

Bakersfield Police Chief Lyle Martin apologized to Hargrove's family after the incident, saying the department would strive to do better.

Hargrove sued the city of Bakersfield in federal court in 2017 alleging excessive force and civil rights violations, seeking punitive and compensatory damages. In October, a jury found in favor of the city and the police officers.

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In 2015, Bakersfield Police Department was responsible for THE HIGHEST RATE OF POLICE HOMICIDES PER CAPITA among the country's 60 largest police departments. Over a quarter of their shootings in that decade against someone unarmed. Between 2007 and 2017, 5 people were killed by KCSO canines. Many other people have been seriously injured because KCSO or BPD canines unjustifiably attacked them. Even non-lethal canine attacks can cause excruciating pain, involve multiple bites, and result in permanent injury. After a KCSO canine mauled a 60-year old woman inside her home while she was sleeping, a medical report stated that her "mutilated right ear" was "questionably salvageable," and she faced the potential loss of her hearing. KCSO policy categorically authorizes the use of batons, "to subdue a person" when necessary "to effect an arrest, prevent escape, or overcome resistance," without specifically limiting baton strikes to the head to situations involving an imminent threat of death or serious injury to the officer or another. KCSO deputies have been caught rewarding colleagues for aggressive use of batons with a "baby seal" prize for the best clubbing. Others have modified their patrol cars with decals declaring "We'll kick your a**" (canine cars "We'll bite your a**.") Between 2014-2017 KCSO officers sought "resisting" charges in 273 cases WITHOUT SEEKING A CHARGE FOR ANY OTHER OFFENSE. They reported 381 assaults on officers between 2014-2016 but over half those incidents resulted in no injury to the officer and did not involve a gun or knife. (Nov '17 ACLU CA)

This is yet another example of an unarmed individual, first bitten by a canine for no justifiable or declarable reason, and now--still unarmed--she's being charged with Felony assault on an officer. Tell me--how did that officer KNOW that she did any such thing to his hamburger? Would she have told on herself?? Did that cop, after hearing someone say the word pig, immediately call KCSO and say "I need you to please come to McDonalds and check the cameras because I think Tatyana just spit in my burger. And if she did indeed commit this alleged crime, Why can't we see the footage of it happening just so there can be no doubt? Instead we leave it up to twelve CAREFULLY selected ex-cop or cop-related jurors to decide guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Because these Kern County cops are so reasonable. This whole thing is ridiculous. And those officers filing those charges and making those claims are cowards, to say the least..


It sill amazes me when people defend, with great passion, those who are not on their side. This has proven a million times but it just doesn't stick. "I am so self-loathing that I will attack anyone who I consider beneath me, just to make me feel better." It's a mentality that cannot be enlightened and that's why racism will be here for a long time to come.


This young lady was violated and traumatized by the BPD through no fault of her own. She attempted to address the matter through the proper legal channels. As is the outcome in most cases alleging criminal police behavior, the officers involved were not held responsible for the crimes that they committed. Her family says that she has not been the same since she was attacked and I can understand why she felt the need to take the situation in to her own hands in some way after justice was not served. What happened to her was exponentially worse than some spit on a burger. Those of you making disgusting, racist remarks regarding this woman's character and encouraging violence against her should be ashamed. Could you not see yourself having a desire to retaliate if you were treated in this way and your attackers were not held liable in any way?

All Star

The officers were not charged with any crimes. What are you talking about?

Comment deleted.
All Star

You can't reason with these people. They are blinded by racism and a hatred of the police.


Sure, but you don't retaliate against the first cop you encounter. You think that's right? Hey those guys were brunettes so I'm going to spit on the next brunette's burger! There's no excuse.


Whom ever this Donhughes93307 please keep you statements clean and be more proactive. Love, dont hate. Jesus loves you too!


Im sorry I thought there was to be no racism or things of that nature or talking about hanging blacks and getting rid of us black idiots! Thats a HORRIBLE thing to say about black ppl and i am black and EXTREMELY OFFENDED!!


Please dont get offended by donhughs93307 comments. He/she needs Jesus. They nothing else better to do than to attack others. If he looks around I'm pretty sure he will see some in his group of people that do worse. He is just a miserable little man. Get help dude.

Inconvenient Truth

“Tampered with” the officer’s food.

Does this mean she maliciously left the pickles off his Big Mac?

Once again, another hard-hitting, fact-laden article from the Bakersfield Canadian...

All Star

It's the weekend. All the really good reporters are off.

All Star

This little thug is destined to a life of criminal behavior. She just can't stay out of the news.


God loves all his children. No matter what they have done, why are we judging. Matthew 7:1-Judge not that you not be not judged. We as loving and caring people should refrain from ugly, nasty and degrading comments. All those that see fit to say such nasty comments are acting ignorant. So how are you any better? For with what judgement you judge, you will be judged and With the Measure You Use, it will be Measured Back to You. Come on people, let's rise against this ignorance with love not hate.

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