A woman found pushing a baby stroller containing $6,000 in stolen quarters in September was sentenced to a year in jail, three years probation and substance abuse counseling, according to the Kern County District Attorney's office.

The woman, DarrinĀ Fritz, was seen struggling to push a stroller in east Bakersfield and police stopped to check on her. No baby was in the stroller just the quarters and some other items, police said. An investigation led officers to a residence at the 3900 block of Dalehurst Drive that Fritz had just burglarized.

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No quarter was asked; none was given.

amtfor attorneys

thats good funny


From living on the street she now is receiving one year of meals, showers, clean clothes and a bed upon which to rest. That's a lesson.


I'm assuming the person she stole the quarters from had a vending machine business. How else would someone accumulate $6000 worth of quarters. My question is, why wait to deposit them? That's an awful lot of wrapping. Even with an auto wrapper. Maybe they were cashing them a little at a time?


she couldn't buy her way out with the quarters. wow.

All Star

Twenty years ago she would have gone to state prison for 4 years.


$6000 in cash, no matter how small the change is, is still $6000 in cash. You would think it would be grand theft. Maybe they gave her time off for hard labor.

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