Hargrove (copy)

Tatyana Hargrove, in a file photo.

A woman who unsuccessfully sued the city of Bakersfield over an incident with two police officers in 2017 now faces charges — a felony and a misdemeanor — for allegedly tampering with food she prepared for a city police officer who placed an order at a McDonald's in Rosedale last month. 

Tatyana Hargrove was charged Tuesday with attempting to mingle harmful substances with food or drink, a felony, and misdemeanor battery on a person, a misdemeanor, according to the Kern County Superior Court website.

As a McDonald's employee, Hargrove was preparing food ordered by a Bakersfield Police officer at the drive-through, according to a Kern County Sheriff's report filed in Kern County Superior Court.

Hargrove was captured on surveillance video wiping a hamburger bun on the floor, possibly contaminating it with cleaning products that could be harmful if ingested, according to a report by a Kern County Sheriff's deputy filed in court. Hargrove was also seen on video spitting on a cheeseburger, which could spread infectious disease or illness in her saliva, the sheriff's deputy wrote in the report.

The deputy's report also said Hargrove used an expletive and referred to the police as "pigs." 

Joseph Kinzel, a spokesman for the Kern County District Attorney's office, said a battery charge relates to direct or indirect harmful contact with a person. In this case, the charge is for Hargrove's alleged indirect contact with the police officer, he said.

She is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 18 for an arraignment.

Hargrove was at the center of a high-profile dispute with the BPD in 2017, after two police officers mistook her for a male suspect and she was bitten by a police dog. Hargrove said at the time she had been thrown to the ground and punched in the face by the officers. The officers' accounts differed from Hargrove, providing a less confrontational version of the encounter.

The BPD eventually called the encounter a case of mistaken identity while the Bakersfield chapter of the NAACP said it was racially motivated.

Hargrove sued the city of Bakersfield in federal court in 2017 alleging excessive force and civil rights violations, seeking punitive and compensatory damages. In October, a jury found in favor of the city and the police officers.

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(12) comments

Fram Smith

Hargrove's lawyer is going to argue that she was only trying to add some nutritional value to the meal she was preparing for a member of our law enforcement community . Getting confused for a machete welding man , when you are a woman , is a humiliating experience. Getting beaten by the KCSD in the confusion is the cherry on top of the humiliation. But now she is unemployed and unemployable ; Merry Christmas !

Tony Tee

Prop 47 will save Tatyana Hargrove from doing jail time. She could get welfare as an anti-social victim who cannot work to sustain herself financially or emotionally. She could stay home and listen to that horrible anti-social hip-hop rants all day and never get rehabilitated.


Everyone is mercilessly full of blame casting it by the fistfuls, as if none of us ever considered, really considered, the candor of Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon II that they always mess with you in the drive through.


Love the cross on her ear - her actions are very Jesusy.


My comment has absolutely nothing to do with this article but sometimes I just cant help myself....It's amazing to me that the KC Sheriff's Department jumped on this so quickly and charges were filed. My son was jumped a few years ago by several thugs, totally unprovoked and beaten up pretty bad. He knew who they were, and continued to follow up with the K.C.S.D. detectives to press charges. Initially, they were responsive (We're going to get them; this will most likely be a felony! We just need to make sure all of our ducks are lined up before we submit this to the DA! Don't worry...we know what happened, We WILL press charges!) but then I think they became bored . The Sheriff's department "invited" the thugs for an "interview". One refused to go and they did not pursue "interviewing" him, The few that were interviewed said the incident started as a verbal argument, which my son started, and escalated to a fight. The investigator completed weak report and submitted it to the DA's office, they declined to prosecute based on the detectives report and their believe that my son was responsible for being beat up by five thugs. There is so much more to this story but my point is, if an incident involves law enforcement, we have a felony. If something happens to an everyday citizen, it's too much work to pursue or they take the word of five against one, even though the five was not beat up. To this day, those involved in assaulting my son think it is really funny. I have lost faith in the K.C.S.D and for the first time, voted against the current sheriff. I think they all have too many thug buddies they look out for and protect.


Sorry that happened to you and your son. They should have nailed those punks and they should nail this punk.

All Star



"You want fries with that....?"


Next time, start a movement. Spitting on burgers doesn't bring change.


Disgusting and shameful. Doubt she cares, and it’s especially sad the NAACP is supporting her through this. No justification whatsoever.

All Star

He's in big trouble now...


You are correct she looks like a he.......

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