Blowing dust fouled the air in the southern San Joaquin Valley all day Wednesday.

High winds have the potential to create "emergency-level" concentrations of pollution in the air, San Joaquin Valley air regulators are warning.

The valley portion of Kern County is being especially impacted by wind and blowing dust, according to a press release form the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

"Residents are urged to avoid extended exposure by moving indoors to an air-conditioned/filtered environment with windows closed," the news release said.

Earlier Wednesday, an air monitor in Bakersfield registered pollution levels that were reaching a point considered very unhealthy for everyone. 

The air district urges the public to limit activities that can exacerbate the problem. Businesses are asked to delay construction and farming activities, and no agricultural burning is allowed. Residents should delay outdoor lawn care, grilling and the use of residential wood-burning devices, and avoid all unnecessary driving. Schools should keep children inside and cancel outdoor and sports activities, the district said in a news release.

Wind should subside overnight but dust may continue to linger in the air for days, the district said.

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When we making "Coined" sanctimonious comments, wonder if thinking about the kids with asthma, elderly and disabled? Responsible people are trying their best to put out critical/informative information that would help the people that this air pollution is harming?

Gary Crabtree

This is nothing compared to 1977.

She Dee

@Crabtree- Ain't that the truth! We didn't worry about in those days either!



Jim L

Only in Kern County would such a term be coined. We should apply for a grant and assistance from the Federal government. Maybe declare it a disaster area and get some really big power fans.

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