In his latest Where We Live exploration of a Bakersfield neighborhood, The Californian's Robert Price looks at Oleander-Sunset, and its stately grandeur of historic old mansions side by side with apartments and working class bungalows.

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I liken the porch pirates to fleas on a dog. Not fatal but a constant nuisance. Petty crime is a constant depredation on this area. The thing we need to understand is when the city ignores and puts up with unlawful behavior, as it degrades the quality of life, it causes a constant depredation of property values.

For the city to retain its value and be a safe and attractive place to live the bad actors need to be slapped hard enough to get their attention. That is there must be a consequence to bad behavior. Telling victims to suck it up and call their insurance agent isn't the answer. The sense of violation can't be compensated and causes good people to leave as neighborhoods become crime ridden run down slums.

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