Barbara Grimm-Marshall, founding president and CEO of the Grimm Family Education Foundation and Grimmway Academy, made known Wednesday her opposition to three bills circulating in the California Assembly that would affect the state's 1,300 charter schools — including the two she runs in Shafter and Arvin.

In an appearance with The Californian's Robert Price on TBC Media's weekly noon webcast, "One on One," Grimm-Marshall talked about the triumphs and challenges of what has proven to be a charter-school model for the state.

The biggest challenge at the moment is the state legislature, which is considering AB 1505, AB 1506 and AB 1507, bills that would cap the number of charter schools in the state at January 2020 levels, take away charter schools' ability to file an appeal with the state when a school district rejects of its licensing application, and prohibit charter schools from opening outside the boundaries of the school district granting its charter, among other mandated changes.

Grimm-Marshall said she would be happy to invite Gov. Gavin Newsom — who has called himself "an advocate" for charter schools but is also supportive of teachers' unions, which generally oppose them — to Kern County to see Grimmway Academy for himself.

On the webcast, Grimm-Marshall also discussed her just-announced 2019 John Brock Award for community support and the ongoing celebration of the 50th anniversary of Grimmway Farms, the world's biggest carrot producer. Grimm-Marshall is the widow of Grimmway Farms co-founder Rod Grimm.

Grimm-Marshall's appearance on "One on One" is available for free, "on demand" viewing on

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