A video that was put on social media Wednesday shows a man allegedly dumping a dog at Lake Ming.

The video, posted by Stephen Sage Silver, depicts a man walking toward his vehicle and forcefully shoving a dog away as the dog was attempting to follow him. The man then got into the vehicle and drove off, with the dog running alongside.

Silver reported the alleged dumping to Kern County Animal Services, providing the video he took as well as the license plate number and suspected make and model of the car. He said a KCAS officer found the dog, which appears to be a black pit bull mix, and brought him to the shelter.

According to KCAS, the dog — who has been named Anakin — will be up for adoption on Monday at 10 a.m. at the shelter, located at 3951 Fruitvale Ave.

“I’m glad the dog has a new chance at life, a new home,” Silver said. “I’m glad I was there when I was and that things turned out well."

Silver said he was on Lake Ming Road on Wednesday morning to take his own dog for a walk when he saw a car pulled over with a man outside. Silver said he saw the man hit the dog in the face with his hand.

“I told him ‘Hey what are you doing?’” Silver said. “He said he didn’t own the dog and that it was just following him.”

Silver said the man got in his vehicle and drove away, with the animal running behind in an attempt to catch up. Silver decided to follow after the man, as he felt he was lying and that he was trying to dump the dog.

Silver said after following him a short while, the man stopped the vehicle again, got out and approached Silver. Silver said he began driving his car in reverse, at which point he took the video showing the man shoving the dog away as he attempted to get back into his vehicle.

“He had his hand up and looked like he was trying to reach through my (rolled-down) window,” Silver said. “It made me nervous, so I started to back up.”

After the man left, Silver reported the incident to Kern County Animal Services, which he said is conducting an investigation.

“I think it’s really sad that this man couldn’t give this dog enough respect to do more than just drop it off in the cold to fend for itself,” he said. “It was clear the dog loved him and wanted to be with him. People like this need to be brought to justice.”

For more information about Anakin, call KCAS at 868-7100.

Joseph Luiz can be reached at 395-7368 or by email at jluiz@bakersfield.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @JLuiz_TBC. 

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I watched the video. We never see the dog being dumped. We see a dog jumping on a man.


Shame on Mr Silver posting this man's car and accusing him of wrong doing! the real story was revealed on the news. The man had recent surgery and didn't want the dog jumping on him. he fed the dog because thats what people do when they see a hungry dog, but that is not a crime. I am disgusted with Silver for defamation of this man without knowing the facts. How would you feel? Luckily this article said Allegedly, good reporting. even the Investigator said " It was a mistake" Mr Silver owes this man an apology at the very least..IMO


Ha! Thanks for sharing this angle. A good example of why we are wise to not judge so quickly!


there is nothing in the news that validates this claim.


obviously you are friends with this horrible human being that you would defend such an egregious act. Birds of a Feather Flock Together




What a disgusting and ignorant human being. SHAME .


Thank you to Mr. Silver for saving this precious animal

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