Many people think being in the Army all comes down to physical strength, but what about knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics? 

The United States Army rolled into Stockdale High School's campus this week to show just what it takes to be a true soldier and leader through its mobile STEM Experience.

Students got a hands-on look at different technologies used by the Army, such as robotics, drones and computer simulation, and how it applies to their work.

"A lot of times people have the misconception that the Army's all fight, fight, fight," said SFC Allison Phillips in a Kern High School District News video. "We just like to provide them with information on how science, technology, engineering and math play a large role in making them successful as soldiers so that they're not just leaders in the service and in the uniform, but they become leaders outside uniform as well."

The Army has brought its mobile STEM Experience to school campuses across the country since 2012.

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Based on the number of otherwise intelligent and at least high school educated adults who are in denial of the facts of science, including the antivaxxer crowd, for no better reason than the facts don't jibe with their ideological world view it looks like we've been sorely deficient in the teaching of science. That needs to change. So I wish the team well.

Let's remember that STEAM students do better in the science courses than those who aren't exposed to art in its various forms. That's part of educating the whole person.

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