A flag with President Donald Trump insignia was planted on an island at Truxtun Lake. It was removed Tuesday afternoon.

Is somebody sending Bakersfield a clear message that says this is Trump territory?

A flag with President Donald Trump insignia has been planted on an island at Truxtun Lake. And nobody is sure where it came from.

City Water Resources Director Kris Budak said the department is aware of the flag and will be sending out someone to the island by boat soon to remove it. 

"I'm not sure if we're going to get it to it (Tuesday), but it will be removed shortly," she said. 

Budak said according to city rules, flags and signs are not permitted on the island.

It’s still unclear who planted the flag and when the event occurred. Bakersfield Police Department Public Information Officer Nathan McCauley said there is usually only a penalty if there is significant damage done to a property due to the installation of a flag or a sign. 

"If that's not the case, then it's not really considered a crime," he said. 

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Rosanna Esparza PhD

I specifically referred to 2019 Lung Association Report. Or, AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION, “State of the Air Report” which lists the most polluted cities in the U.S.
There are more than 1,100 scientific reports available on-line linking oil & gas production/fracking to higher rates of toxicity, pollution and chronic health conditions. If you’re at a loss for how to locate articles Google: “Fracking” “Asthma” “COPD” “Small Particle Pollution” “PM2.5”
How does this relate to Trump flag? A "flag" is symbolic of ownership. The Trump administration has done more to reverse CA EPA and U.S. EPA regulations than any sitting president. His is an all out attack on the earth and flies in the face of our growing climate crisis. What does one have to do with the other, you make the connection...






I think that would be a wonderful spot for Trump to spend what’s left of his Gokden Years.




Is really news worthy? Just remove it and maybe focus on real news like homeless in our parks leaving dirty hypodermic needles where our children are supposed to be able to play.


It's part of a gang initiation


Take it DOWN. We're better than that.


Can they put an American flag in its place?


@JimmyDude Why?


@steelerman why not?


Yeah Man, why not? You want a Bernie flag there? AOC flag? Just trying to get a feel - do you want no flags there or only Steelerman approved flags?


So why hasn't the city taken it down? It's on government property, right? If the city doesn't, someone who values this country will. Bakersfield really is a POS. I can't believe grown men think wearing that big ugly red cap makes them look like anything other than a dumb hick.


How very tolerant and open minded of you, JR. The hatred that spews from the left is such hypocrisy. Freedom of speech and expression- only if you agree, right?


@JimmyDude well said!!



Rosanna Esparza PhD

Kern County is in the top three of the most polluted counties in the United States. We don't need a flag to confirm this fact.


Responding to a comment in the Bakersfield Californian.

Rosanna Esparaza PhD
Does your fellow classmates and associates hold the same pretentious prejudiced judgements of others, as you?

Claiming or announcing in the official city newspaper, that everything wrong with Kern County can be attributed to the Conservatives who are polluting the area, is just plain mean, and morally reprehensible, and you cannot use the excuse of "lack of education."

It's attitudes like yours that cause the greatest number of social and moral harm to others throughout the world.
No one has any different kind of blood running through their veins than anyone else, nor is anyone's physical or internal makeup different.

The difference between those that hold liberal or democratic views and those that hold conservatives views is this:
Democrats at this moment are the only ones that are exhibiting irrational, and outrageous conduct.
Nothing they are communicating reasonates with sound reasoning, or logical conclusions on anything.
Democrats are completely unhinged.

Your opinion of the three places in California that conservatives are polluting, is wrong on so many levels.
It was the Conservatives that made and kept California beautiful and grand, where tourists flocked to us in all seasons, from it's very beginning, up to about 1975.

Democrats then perfected Election Fraud and have had control ever it since then. Democrats have used up the wealth and resources of one of the richest States in the union. Now most everything that was beautiful is destroyed. What once was one of the most beautiful states in the union, the "Golden State" has feces filling the streets in historical San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Drug addicts, and syringes litter the streets and public restrooms, and homeless people are everywhere since the banks took all their homes.
So, please, don't look down your nose at conservatives; they are the ones keeping this country together.
And they are not as ignorant as our credentialed students exiting college.

I and hundreds of thousands of others, Thank God every single day, for Donald Trump and everything he has done for our country!


Get a life.


@DebAngel well said, I’m tired of California becoming a wasteland!

Rosanna Esparza PhD

Small particle pollution contributes to cognitive decline and triggers extreme behavior. You are correct, fecal and other forms of toxicity fill the air we breathe - globally, not only in Kern Co. Unfortunately, regulatory agencies have not imposed controls on those who pollute our air. A synopsis from the 2019 Lung Association Report was printed in the Bakersfield Californian last week. It's unfortunate that your opinion overrides the desire to consider fact based science. I've spent 30+years studying the impacts of pollution on lifespan development. It's curious to me what triggered your rant?


Dr. Esparza, Would you be so kind as to provide a link to the "most polluted counties" statistic you mentioned?

Additionally, could you explain how a random Trump flag in any way confirms that statistic?

Thank you in advance.


So big news we have racist nazi loving white supremacist people in Bakersfield who support a pathological lying cheating most corrupt president ever. Yeah I’m shocked




@JimmyDude 53% of the electorate in Kern County supported Trump in the 2016 presidential election. While Kern County obviously represents more than just Bakersfield, I strongly suspect that the number of Trump supporters here would be higher given the number of Confederate flags and MAGA (Not the "My Attorney Got Arrested Either") hats I see around town. Also, almost by definition, being a Trump supporter can be accurately characterized as being ethno-nationalist with authoritarian/totalitarian/fascist leanings.


Steelerman - " almost by definition, being a Trump supporter can be accurately characterized as being ethno-nationalist with authoritarian/totalitarian/fascist leanings."
That's an opinion, maybe your observation. That's not evidence of anything, there is no data cited here. I have no MAGA hat, you would not be able to decipher my political bent by looking at me or talking to me, unless you asked. And then, I hope it would be a reasonable conversation even if we have differing opinions. There are far right zealots, just like there are far left zealots. Both are more vocal, more visual and more radical than the majority of people on their 'side'.


You rather have men in women bathrooms? Thanks Obama. Copper, (he, she , ze) thanks you.




Rid CA of Gavin . . . !
MACGA & MAGA . . . !


Get rid of it.


Stephen we FINALLY agree on something!!!




slow news day huh ??

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