Residents of a southwest neighborhood were stunned Wednesday following the discovery of a newborn baby buried in a backyard and the arrests of two people at the home.

Police on Tuesday discovered a slain infant in a flower bed in the backyard of a home in the 5200 block of Shining Crag Avenue, west of Stine Road and south of Panama Lane.

An investigation found a juvenile had given birth to a live child at the home in November.

Within hours of the birth, police said, the baby was taken from the mother by Beant Kaur Dhillon and killed at the residence, located in a neighborhood of newer homes and described as consisting of mostly Sikh residents.

Dhillon, a 43-year-old woman, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of murder and willful cruelty to a child. The department said officers also arrested 47-year-old Jagsir Singh, a man, on suspicion of aiding a felon, child cruelty and conspiracy.

Two children living in the residence — including the girl who gave birth — were taken into protective custody.

'A really nice neighborhood'

"It just kind of shocked me," said 42-year-old Gary Singh. "This is a really nice neighborhood."

While predominantly Sikh, the neighborhood has residents of different backgrounds and cultures who live in harmony, Gary Singh said. Most days residents can be seen walking on the sidewalks and talking with neighbors.

Around 11 a.m. Tuesday, Gary Singh said, he saw five or six police cruisers parked outside the residence where the infant's body was found. A few hours later, a Crime Scene Unit van was at the house. 

Gary Singh said a neighbor told him he witnessed a man and woman being taken away in handcuffs. 

Houses in the neighborhood are large, some with five bedrooms or more, and Gary Singh said prices range from $360,000 to more than $400,000. 

"Who would do something like that if they can afford a $400,000 home?" he said.

Teen reached out to someone

Bakersfield police Sgt. Nathan McCauley said police are withholding the relationship of Dhillon and Singh to the juvenile as they don't want to identify the girl. The juvenile's age was not released, but McCauley said she is a teenager.

The investigation began when police received a call for service Tuesday to check on the welfare of the teen. McCauley said the teen had reached out to someone, and a third party contacted police.

No further charges are pending at this time, McCauley said. The investigation is ongoing.

Nick Suarez, 33, lives near the residence where Dhillon and Jagsir Singh were arrested. He said he used to live in a rough neighborhood in east Bakersfield, and moved here with his daughter for a safer environment. 

Suarez said he sometimes saw the home's residents outside but didn't interact with them. He said some of the homes have two or more families living in them to help alleviate the cost. 

He still considers the neighborhood safe. But Tuesday's news left him unsettled.

"It's just pretty crazy," Suarez said. 

Dhillon and Jagsir Singh are scheduled to be in court Thursday. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 326-3558 or 327-7111.

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Tyler Durden

What is the need for involving culture in your coverage of this story? Would you guys have also written "the family lives in a predominantly White Christian neighborhood" had the story been that way? Shame on your newspaper for breeding bigotry and cultural ignorance.

Darla Davis

A neighbor is quoted relating the cost of the nearby homes to the implausible nature of the crime. What difference does that make? Material possessions do not determine a person's morality.


I thought the same thing Darla. I cant get over how sick this is. Rich or poor, Sikh or Christian or Atheist, whatever the color of skin, it's pathetic and its disgusting. The girl is a victim too. Just horrible all the way around.


I bet if OBAMA, SCHEMER, or HILARY said they wanted a wall, people would be creaming all over themselves. Oh wait, THEY DID!


Idiots are all around. Not just in 3rd world countries bro.


I read someones comment about a wall being built around the country. I was just wondering when was the last time someone from another continent happened to walk right into our country? U might aswell say build a bubble cuz a wall is a joke and waste of money. Look at the news around the country. There is alot of redneck backward minded white folks doing these evil acts and much worse. So stop with the spreading of racial hate.


Build a wall around the whole dang country then... Poor little thing.


Infanticide ~ Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Bernie and every other Democrat running for President don’t see it as a crime. Shameful! I agree with Jimmy...


disgusting and saddening - if there's a heaven I hope the doors are wide open for that baby. There would, then, be a h e l l and I pray they turn up the heat for these worthless monsters!.


A Sikh would never do this


Third world idiots......

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