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The location of coronavirus cases in Kern County as of Monday afternoon.

The number of local people with coronavirus increased to 13 on Monday, according to Kern County Public Health officials. 

"It is likely community transmission is now occurring in Kern County," said Michelle Corson, spokeswoman for Kern County Public Health, at a news briefing Monday morning.

Also Monday, for the first time local public health officials announced the general location of people with the virus in Kern: 11 cases are in Bakersfield and one is in an area of the county west of Bakersfield.

The location of the thirteenth case, announced around 8:30 p.m. Monday night, has not yet been disclosed.

In addition to the 13 cases, an additional person, a visitor to the county, was the first positive test in Kern County last week. That person, however, is not considered a local case for official tally purposes.

Everyone who has tested positive is recuperating at home, health officials said.

The map of cases Kern County released Monday was divided into five zones to show generally where cases have been reported. In Bakersfield, eight cases are in an area called west Bakersfield made up of ZIP codes 93309, 93311, 93312, 93313 and 93314; three cases are in an area called east Bakersfield made up of ZIP codes 93301, 93304, 93305, 93306, 93307, 93308, 93241 and 93203; and one case is in an area called "valley," which is primarily west of Bakersfield.

Edwards Air Force Base reported a confirmed case Saturday but it does not appear to be part of the countywide tally. The person does not reside on Edwards Air Force Base and was quarantined at an off-base residence after showing signs during a vacation, a news release from the military base said. A base official on Monday referred further questions to Los Angeles County public health officials.

Testing has recently become more widely available in Kern in the past week. Nearly 500 people have been tested and about 300 tests were pending results as of Monday, the county public health department's website said.

Statewide 40 people have died from the virus and there are 2,065 confirmed cases, according to the Los Angeles Times, which is continuously surveying local health agencies around the state.

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As I have been seeing in my local neighborhood area (as I drive to work or the grocery store), MANY people just don’t care if they contract it, pass it or are exposed to it. So now, as we see in ONE day a DOUBLING of confirmed cases!! “Ehh, who cares, it’s not me & so what if I I do get it, f’k it!” THAT’S the attitude I see around town. So, as a health worker, that is just about the attitude I’m developing as a response: “f’k em, if they want to die, let them.” I dearly want to help those affected by happenstance BUT for those who seem to enjoy ’diving head first into an empty pool,’ I say good riddance. You neither deserve pity or the use of our community’s resources to help you.

Boogerface Nutter

If 11 people have been diagnosed, multiply by 10 and you'll find a likely number that are undiagnosed but are infected.


I wasn’t going to, but I am curious as to what your answer will be. How did you arrive at a multiplier of 10 to come up with how many are likely infected but undiagnosed?


As of this comment, out of 215 test results 15 (if you count the out of towner and the one from Edwards AFB) were positive, 201 negative. That is around 6.9% tested positive. Your gonna need around 1700 more tests, then you may get to 10 times the amount of people infected as of 3/23.


Next week is going to be rough in the States. I mean rough.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Thank you Captain Obvious...




No more spreads virus!

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