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A wildfire in Mariposa County near Yosemite National Park and blowing dust from gusty winds forecasted for Wednesday have prompted the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to issue a health alert.

Smoke impacts are expected to continue until the fire is extinguished, while blowing dust should subside by Thursday, said a news release from the air district. The alert has been issued for the entire San Joaquin Valley.

The Briceburg Fire started Sunday in Mariposa County and has burned 1,200 acres and was 10 percent contained as of Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, a system bringing strong, dry winds is moving into California from north to south over the next several days.

Anyone exposed to poor air quality or wildfire smoke should move indoors to an air-conditioned/filtered environment with their windows closed, the district said.

Wildfire smoke and wind-blown dust can create unhealthy concentrations of PM2.5  and PM10, which can trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate respiratory diseases. PM2.5 can also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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outrageous behavior by allow any company to do business this way is so not right! To unilaterally and arbiterly cut off power WOW!


I think you posted your comment in the wrong article 🙄 lololol. I think this is the one you meant to comment on:


Actually, it’s quite the opposite. The 2017 fires in Santa Rosa were caused by power lines hit by a combination of heavy win and breaking branches.Cutting power reduces the risk.


I think this is probably gearing up to something even more third-world, in the future.Baby steps.

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