In this file photo from 2018, Conrad G. Nieto checks out the Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance booth to see what programs they have to offer during the Kern County Library job fair for formerly incarcerated and others looking for jobs and other resources. At right is Alysha Douglas who is an outreach advocate in the Community Homeless Law Center Project of GBLA.

Despite a surge in farm hiring, Kern's jobless rate rose to 8.4 percent in July as the local service sector shrank and local education employment declined, according to seasonally unadjusted state data released Friday.

The county's unemployment rate was up from 8 percent in June but about even with July 2018's 8.3 percent, the state Employment Development Department reported.

Meanwhile, unemployment also edged upward in California and the nation, with the state's seasonally unadjusted rate going from 4.2 percent in June to 4.4 percent and the national rate increasing from 3.8 percent to 4 percent, the EDD said.

Kern farm labor jumped in July by 2,200 positions, or 3.3 percent. Professional and business services also increased, albeit on a smaller scale, rising by an estimated 300 jobs, or 1.1 percent.

But the EDD said services overall shed about 6,200 positions in July, or 2.6 percent. Retail, a subset of the larger services category, lost 300 positions, declining 1 percent.

Leisure and hospitality was down, too, coming in 200 positions below June's total, a decline of 0.7 percent.

The state data showed government employment in the county was off significantly in July. The sector lost 6,200 positions between June and July, or 9.2 percent. That's the same number of jobs lost in local education, which shrank by 20.1 percent.

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Inconvenient Truth

[Delano City Councilman 1:] “I just heard Kern’s unemployment rate is more than double the national rate of 3.7%”

[Delano City Councilman 2:] “Hey, I’ve got a brilliant idea: let’s declare Delano a Sanctuary City and welcome thousands more illiterate, unskilled illegal immigrants into the county!”

[Delano City Councilman 1:] “BRILLIANT!!!”


Why is McClown in Israel? He needs to work on the issues in the 23rd district!


Where is Kevin McClown at? One of the highest UE rates of any congressional district. Worst air pollution. Trade war hurting oil and ag, Homeless problem out of control. Etc.........Meanwhile McClown kisses trumps butt and does nothing for the 23rd district. I wish newspaper had the courage to call this clown out with the facts!


Is your colostomy bag full again...?


No. But your moms is.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Wow- truly amazing comeback. Are you writing your own material, or is mommy sending you emails to your room in her basement?

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